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There are 5 major advantages of   often eat wolfberry; how to distinguish the merits of – people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: there are 5 major benefits to distinguish the merits of have a knack for a lot of people think that women eat tonic Chinese wolfberry wolfberry is often, because a lot of Chinese wolfberry effect would be helpful to women. In fact, it is also good for men to eat some wolfberry. Today, it is necessary to introduce what is the benefit of men eat wolfberry, come and have a look at it. The benefits of eating wolfberry has significant effect of improving eyesight. A significant effect of Chinese wolfberry is eyesight, in life there are people called "wolfberry eye child", visible eyesight is very good at the Chinese wolfberry of. The medical treatment of liver blood deficiency, kidney yin deficiency blurred vision and night blindness caused by deficiency, often use the medlar. The famous prescription worship chrysanthemum Dihuang pill, on the main drug medlar. The public also conventional treatment of chronic eye disease medlar, medlar steaming is a simple and effective therapeutic side. Can effectively delay aging. Anti-aging is every one of us in the pursuit of, in addition to women and men, too, then eat some wolfberry bar, can effectively delay the appearance of aging. Medlar fu-zheng-gu-ben, born busui, nourishing kidney yin, Qi and soothe the nerves, physical fitness, anti-aging medicine since ancient times is the tonic dependents of the top grade, effectively enhance viscera function, improve brain function and fight free radical function, has obvious anti-aging effects. Improve immune function. The body’s immune system is very important for any health, it can help us to resist a lot of virus invasion and injury, and wolfberry fruit can help you improve the immune system. Edible fruit of Chinese wolfberry can fu-zheng-gu-ben and righting the cowardly evil, not only enhance the body function, and promote the healthy recovery, but also can improve the body’s resistance against the pathogen invasion. To enhance the body’s ability to adapt to a variety of harmful stimuli. Has anti-cancer effect. The occurrence of the disease is very painful and disturbing, so we must do a good job of physical exercise and active prevention, as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of disease. Significantly inhibited the generation of medlar on cancer cells and proliferation of contemporary experimental and clinical application showed that wolfberry leaves often drink tea, can significantly improve and improve the immune function of the elderly, frail and sick and the physiological function of tumor patient, has a strong body and delaying senility. For cancer patients with chemotherapy, to reduce side effects, to prevent the reduction of white blood cells, regulating immune function and so on. With the beauty of the skin function. We all know that eating wolfberry is good for your health, I do not know to eat wolfberry can also play a role in the beauty of the skin, the men who love to eat it quickly. This is because the wolfberry fruit can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, in addition, can play a whitening effect. Wolfberry fruit has a significant effect on psoriasis, some other skin diseases have different degrees of efficacy. To distinguish the merits of wolfberry from color to distinguish fresh wolfberry fruit from different habitats and different color, but the color is very soft, shiny, fleshy; and dyed medlar is in the old sense, from the view of less tender)