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Teach you how to make Lily cream? Sohu – health into the winter, people began a variety of tonic tonic. From the traditional Chinese medicine theory, is a collection of the winter season, then tonic, the human body can absorb nourishment essence, stored in the body, contribute to the enhancement of fitness, so the folk "winter tonic, the next tiger". In addition to the usual familiar stew soup, drink tonic, can also choose to eat paste, paste can not only fill the body, more ", which spilled more than the complement", adjust the body and reach a flat state. As a traditional Chinese medicine prescription, Chinese medicine prescription has been paid more and more attention in the field of clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, prevention and cure of traditional Chinese medicine, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, and health care of traditional Chinese medicine. The utility model is especially suitable for people who are easy to catch cold and easy to be infected with the decline of immune function. Therefore, in order to introduce you to a chronic cough "killer" – Lily cream. The production method is: Lily cream paste composition: 100g, 300g, Chuanbei Lily rehmannia, radix rehmanniae, Ophiopogon japonicus 100g 100g 30g, 30g, 30g of angelica, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Scrophulariae, licorice 30g 30g grandiflorum 50g. (for more than a month of oral dose, according to the appropriate proportion of medicinal materials can be increased according to their own needs to take the time) effect: with Yin lungs, cough and phlegm effect. For the crowd: Qi Yin deficiency caused by chronic pharyngitis, dry mouth and throat, dry cough, dry throat pain, hand and foot fever, night sweats, active smoking or secondhand smoke and air pollution in the long-term population. Production methods: 1, soaking: the above herbs soaked with water for 12 hours, so that the full absorption of moisture. 2: the soaked and decocting herbs into a pot, first Wuhuo boil, and then simmer (to fry for about 120 minutes. 3, filter residue: with a fine gauze filter can be made into a good liquid. 4, the concentrated solution filtration well, then put the fire on the re concentrated decoction, concentrated to about 500ml. 5, paste: continue to use slow fire, and then slowly batch adding sugar or honey, etc. the liquid gradually becomes sticky, large bubbles in the liquid (2-3cm) emerge, not only can the cease-fire. To be a little cooler, pour into the prepared box, you can.