86Olympic champion is not the same as the women’s volleyball can not win this all-around Warrior|Olympic champion is not the same as the women’s volleyball can not win this all-around Warrior3

The Olympic champion is not the same as the women’s volleyball team has can not win a Changning all-around fighter with the team self sina sports Chinese women’s volleyball team to 3-0 win over the Kazakhstan team, won the fourth Asian Cup women’s volleyball championship. Spiker Zhang Changning overcomes the Olympic Games training system, lack of physical fitness and other difficulties, in the main and supporting the position of the two have a good play. Sharp attack, excellent defense, played a mainstay role. Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu two participated in the Olympic Games team, from the Olympic Games back, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team, like other members, has been busy to participate in various social activities, no normal training. She rushed to the Asian team in the country before the two team a day to meet with the team, there is no opportunity to run with the team, came to the Asian Cup competition. After participating in the Olympic Games, the inevitable decline in the competitive state, coupled with no systematic training, physical fitness and state have been affected. In the group stage of the first game against South Korea, she was just the last moment to move on a little. The second game rival Japanese team, the strength is not strong, but China team and opponents into a bitter struggle, fight for five inning win. After the game, Zhang Changning wrote in micro-blog: sixth days to resume training, complete the game." That game, her performance is not a color, but in the tiebreaker was played out of the offense, but could see that she is very hard, the presence of the Lord pick also bear a lot of attack. Not because he is the Olympic champion and despise the Asian Cup, a strong sense of responsibility. In 14 finals of the Taipei and the semi-final against Thailand the first two, according to the Zhang Changning team need to fight the get away for the Thailand team, after the three inning and returned to the main position. No matter which position, she is conscientious, in the match against Thailand got a team high 16 points in the first pass, the defense also played a key role, many other anti dunks, is Chinese team win the greatest hero. Today she continues to play the final attack, not only have to bear a lot of offensive tasks, but also take a round of six. Each other in order to limit her attack, the ball to pick her several times, she felt a pick today is not very good, some mistakes, directly over the net and not in place, but in the absence of a few times, second pass to her a storm, she is in a very reluctant situation, still decisive start on the other side, scoring a direct hit on the floor. The first team is on board at the end Chinese her counter attacking the ball to get the game point, second games to get the game point, and she is in place without in their next pass, high storm score, help Chinese team scored second bureau. Start the second she was at a low ebb, the attack was stopped, a mistake, then fly three points, a series of mistakes, but not so timid, then still dare to play, the second half of the offensive play well. The whole game for her mistake slightly, but in the attack, a task is so arduous circumstances, can have such a play, is not easy. Two years ago Zhang Changning as the national team for the two main attack, won the Asian Cup two years later made distinctions won in battle, she is an Olympic gold medal players).