85Two well-known jewelry design exhibition held in Beijing – Beijing|Two well-known jewelry design exhibition held in Beijing – Beijing4

Two well-known jewelry design exhibition held in Beijing – China News Agency, Beijing, September 24 in Beijing (reporter Zheng Qiao) as one of the 2016 Beijing International Design Week activities, cross-strait well-known jewelry design exhibition opening in Beijing Qianmen 24 days, more than 100 pieces of exquisite meaningful display 18 well-known jewelry designer on both sides of the creation a piece of jewelry. The exhibition is organized by the Beijing Federation of Taiwan compatriots and his collection company co sponsored, aimed to build cross-strait international view of culture and art, creative design platform, promote the spread of home culture. Wang Landong, Secretary of the Party committee of the Taiwan compatriots in Beijing, said at the opening ceremony, the current cross-strait relations in a very short period, the two sides need to strengthen non-governmental exchanges, only to reduce the friction to communicate. Beijing City, Taiwan will continue to take the platform, built channels, friends and cooperation, to promote communication and exchanges between Taiwan and Beijing, for the two sides to contribute to deepening exchanges. Ceng Hui, deputy director of the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee Office, said the Beijing international design week has held many sessions, hoping to bring together more creative, to provide support for the development of Beijing. The jewelry design exhibition, also hopes to promote cross-strait exchanges in the field of creative design, so that the Chinese culture in the field of jewelry design has been carried forward to improve the quality of life of the people. From Taiwan proud collection company chairman Li Hanying is an important promoter of the exhibition. She told reporters that the family culture is very important for the Chinese people, I hope through the two sides of the designer, the spread of the concept of Jiabao spread out. The peaceful development of cross-strait relations can bring the well-being of the people, should not deviate from this direction in any way, I hope the two sides of the public exchanges, mutual tolerance and common development. The same day, two designers also creative concepts and processes and to show the people of Beijing share. Build with K gold, jade, coral, precious stones and other material works to attract jewelry lovers to savor. It is reported that the exhibition will continue until October 7th. (end)