82You wake up! Do you think these habits are healthy Actually…… – Sohu health|You wake up! Do you think these habits are healthy Actually…… – Sohu health6

You wake up! Do you think these habits are healthy? Actually…… What are the health habits of Sohu you adhere to for many years, that is love clean, hygiene performance? In fact, it may be that some of your seemingly hygienic habits are not real health, and may even lead to more bacteria that are harmful to your health. The following pseudo health habits, you have to pay attention to! 1 white bag food to the white paper "white", many manufacturers will often add bleach in the production process, and bleaching agent in contact with food, will cause a series of chemical reactions that produce harmful substances, extremely easy to cause the pollution of food. 2 toilet paper to clean tableware national quality inspection department inspection results show that many types of toilet paper without disinfection or sterilization is not complete, the surface contains a lot of bacteria, it is easy to glue on the object cleaning. Only after senior napkin strict disinfection should be used to wipe the dishes. 3 after urinating with a paper towel to wipe generally not recommended for women with urine dry towel wipe the vulva secretion, if necessary in the circumstances, recommend the use of gynecological wet towel to avoid infection of mycotic vaginitis may. 4 table top plastic sheeting on top of the table, although beautiful, but easy to accumulate dust and bacteria, etc.. And some plastic cloth is made of toxic vinyl chloride resin, tableware and food for a long time and plastic cloth contact, will be contaminated with harmful substances, causing a number of diseases. 5 for a washing machine will be put together in the bra bra washing in the washing machine and other clothes, clothes, hair on the head and some very fine fibers are easy to adhere to the bra inside, inside the fiber and glued to the nipple on blocking the tube of the breast caused by infection, serious and even lead to mastitis. 6 use the screen cover food and flies, many families used to cover the veil on food, although this can prevent flies in direct contact with food, but still remain in the mantle flies will leave eggs with the bacteria, these eggs easily falling contaminated food from the yarn hole. 7 towel dry pot, bowls, pots, cups and other tableware and fruit of our city with tap water is subject to strict disinfection of tableware and fruit with tap water washed basically is clean, do not wipe. Household cleaning towel on the survival of many bacteria, dry with a towel will produce two pollution. The 8 part put fruit rot off eat fruit, fruit rot encountered part, some people think that the rotten part cut out to eat, the health. In fact, even if the fruit rot part truncate, remaining part has passed through the juice of bacterial metabolites have even started to breed microbes. Therefore, although the fruit is only a part of the rotten, or throw away for good. 9 get up daily quilt body will emit a lot of sweat, sleep is no exception. Get up immediately after the quilt, sweat will stay in the quilt, for a long time, not only the smell of sweat, will affect sleep comfort, also created the environment for the pathogen of the body