82Inheriting the classic culture of Bashu – Phoenix flavor – Sohu and the world|Inheriting the classic culture of Bashu – Phoenix flavor – Sohu and the world9

Heritage of classical culture – Sichuan flavor – Sohu and a Phoenix world classic about the culture of Bashu Bashu classical culture, the most common and most feel the delicacy, the highest on the face when is the quintessence of Chinese culture. [Sichuan] must be strongly pointed out that misunderstanding delicacy is native Cantonese, since childhood love to find the delicacy of Bashu diversiform, delicacy, is from the University began to contact. When we are always and university students go to school nearby in the ring shop to eat "spicy", actually do not care about is not only delicious, spicy enough enough to know Ma is authentic. We are from the challenge to heavy spicy spicy, who can’t stand will be fun for the weak, of course, try to pay to "Chrysanthemum" price, anyway the green university is how to come. After growing up, have been to many places, only gradually understand has been misled, Ma and spicy is a taste of Sichuan delicacy, but not the most spicy hemp is authentic, very many snacks and linen shop is extremely hot in order to cover up the food is not fresh. Sichuan delicacy is not only hemp and hot, whether it is the real delicacy of Sichuan ingredients or materials are very fresh, hot pepper, the taste is very delicious. On behalf of the Sichuan classic delicacy: a few days ago to taste the world Phoenix, went to the Guangzhou stadium to watch the Disney on ice show, dinner went to is located in B1 E District Baiyun Green Center 103 shops of the Phoenix flavor world for dinner. This is a restaurant I have been to the environment is very good, very spacious, and there are a lot of decoration on behalf of the Sichuan panda. What impressed me most in this store is "three true". {Phoenix "three true" taste the world [materials]} really: frog fish shrimp are fresh chicken slaughter day, authentic Sichuan materials []: regular air chef really chefs have Sichuan years of experience in security products, are out of people born in Sichuan []: the inheritance process really the traditional pure Handmade technology, industrial production to ensure a healthy diet to [] from the Phoenix New Pepper Fish gorge deepwater River Su Shishi River: like ginger purple vinegar moxibustion whitebait, snow bowl to Qing Chi Yu, there is peach blossom spring gas in the pure flavor, Sheng perch. The river fish is China’s endemic species in Yangtze River Basin, year-round living in the rugged, steep green deep Minjiang River Gorge, more than and 10 meters deep in the bottom of the nest. The river fish without scales, tender and fleshy, succulent and tender and delicious cooking dishes, once known as "the delicious". I love to taste the world is here because Phoenix is the authentic Sichuan conscience. For example, the Phoenix New Pepper Fish, with the river turtle, every meal outside, as long as the river turtle heard I think Phoenix, taste the world. This fish is the biggest characteristic of meat is tender and delicious, nutritious, and fish fat hypertrophy, can be processed into precious fish maw. High protein, low fat, rich in vitamins and trace elements, is nourishing nutrition jiapin. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages that the biological small molecule collagen protein is the raw material for the human body to synthesize the protein, and is stored in the human body in the form of an aqueous solution, which is easy to absorb, and can improve the nutrition shop of the tissue