82About tea, how much do you know – Sohu to eat and drink|About tea, how much do you know – Sohu to eat and drink1

About "tea", how much do you know? Sohu and in ancient times, tea has become fashionable for a time. As the Spanish bullfight, as being loved. But the difference is that the tea is much more elegant, full of rich cultural connotation. Tea, tea is the game quality, also known as Dou Ming, Ming war. Began in the Tang, Song Sheng, is a kind of an ancient rich idlersof. The Song Dynasty is very particular about tea time, "Song Huizong Zhao Jizhuan Cai Xiangzhuan" Treatise on tea, "tea record", written by Huang Ru "tea record", the Song Dynasty tea wind heyday. During the year Tomb-sweeping Day, the beginning of the new tea, the most suitable parameters of bucket. Tea place, the size of the election in a tea shop, before and after the two, the lobby for KuoDa, store, after the hall is small, with small kitchen, easy to cook tea. The tea to take possession of a good tea, take turns cooking, tasting to compete with each other. Tea, or more people were fighting, or two people catch on the fight, three bucket two wins. The contents include: tea, tea tea, tea bucket to dance. Dou tea with tea "new" for you, "to" live "on the water. A bucket of soup color, two bucket water mark. First look at the tea color is fresh white, white wins, white, gray, yellow and white is negative. The soup color can reflect the tea and tea tea show skills, white, Feinen, making the color green, just perfect; that steaming tea is undercooked; color gray, that has been cooked steamed tea; color yellow, and that is not timely; color red, indicating the baking furnace. Second, look at the duration of flower soup. The main drinking tea when the first round cakes, cake baking modulation and fine grinding, and boiling water decoction. If the fine grinding, tea, soup, soup is just perfect hammer blows, you can bite along the light, even and fine, long poly dispersed, the best effect is called "light bite". Tea, soup, tea, soup refers to the modulation, the tea brewed craft decoction. The soup and tea bamboo sticks and blows the rotating tea in the tea soup, the soup on flowers, called the hammer blows. On the other hand, if the soup flower can not bite, but soon spread out, the soup and the light of the place immediately exposed "water mark", which will be lost. Water marks appear sooner or later, tea is the criterion. Make tea, tea or tea to the ancients in. Make tea for the story and Yinshizuofu, and are related to tea. As for drinking tea, to increase interest. Tea Baixi, also called soup play or tea, tea is a popular song. Will be cooked into the bowl of tea, skill. In the Song Dynasty, tea tea dance is an unusual tea, someone put tea dance and piano, chess, the book is tied, literati love and advocate a kind of cultural activities. The Wanli Yang on the tea dance said: "the tea like fried tea, fried tea like tea chocolate……" This tea can make the tea soup flower show magnificent and varied scenes. If the landscape like clouds, flower, such as painting ink drawings, which requires a higher skill of preparing tea. The Song Dynasty, tea is mostly used to entertain guests, tea is a luxury thing, difficult tea dance, popular range is relatively narrow, generally only spread in the palace and the intelligentsia, the underlying people grasp this skill less and less. When it comes to tea, tea can not be said. The Song Dynasty tea with tea "prevailed.