81The seventh West community service innovation public forum lecture Beijing – Xining|The seventh West community service innovation public forum lecture Beijing – Xining8

The seventh West community service innovation public forum Xining lecture – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, September 19, (Zhang Haiwen) 19, sponsored by the association of social work in Qinghai Province, seventh West Community Public Service Innovation Forum opened in Xining. From more than 200 provinces and cities of the social work of experts and scholars, public organizations, grassroots cadres community representatives to participate in the two days of discussions and exchange activities, and focusing on the theme of "the social organization and the poverty alleviation program". It is understood that the western community service innovation is the first public forum co sponsored by the Shaanxi provincial women’s theory of marriage and Family Research Council and Shaanxi fuyuanhui gender development and training center, has been successfully held six sessions. Previous forums are combined with the current social hot spots and focus on issues such as community services, community building and community management innovation. For the western community organizations, public interest groups, social workers to build a platform for interaction and cooperation, effectively promote the healthy development of community organizations, community services, public welfare undertakings in the west. President of the Qinghai Provincial Association of social work Kebao introduction, the forum with the social organization with poverty "as the theme, aims to share the experience of experts and scholars, practitioners, so you learn, implement the party and the state of" poverty alleviation strategy ", and actively guide the social organization of the western region is more scientific and comprehensive play in tackling poverty in the positive role of. Focusing on the theme of "the social organization and the poverty alleviation program", the forum will be the "national ecological protection, cultural construction and poverty alleviation", "social organizations how to get rid of the difficulty of financing", "children, elderly services and precise poverty" in western social organizations in poverty alleviation precise role "sub topic to discuss. Kebao said, in order to better meet the social background of the organization construction and the development of philanthropy, improve the real significance of the forum, also joined the "charity law", "overseas NGO activities in the territory management law" the training session, by legal experts, university professors and social organizations from the perspective of in-depth analysis of the two department the essence of the interpretation of this law has just promulgated the. Chinese Social Work Association vice president He Jianmin said at the meeting, after 20 years of development, the country has 30 provinces, 129 cities and 296 counties established 455 social work organizations, nearly 300 universities nationwide with the Department of social work, every year there are about more than 30 thousand schools of social work professional college graduates to society, China now has about 500000 professional social work personnel. He Jianmin said: "the forum to contact the western 12 provinces together to build resonance platform, sounding together; build a shared platform to share their achievements; build a total war platform, through their respective results of action; build a win-win platform, not only for their own development of social organization construction, promote the vitality, and promote or participate in the economic construction of the west." (end)