812 generations of the rich to pursue the goddess but the other side of the body weight of 160 pounds |2 generations of the rich to pursue the goddess but the other side of the body weight of 160 pounds 3

2 rich generation spent 100 thousand after the "goddess" but the other 160 pounds of body weight (Figure) original title: WeChat men chase goddess flower about one hundred thousand pseudo goddess weighing up to 160 pounds of the circle of friends this is Huang for his fictional network red circle of friends. Mr. Xu is 26 years old is Fujian, had lived in Shanghai before. Home is doing real estate business, which is a veritable rich two generations. Xu usually play, plus a lot of "red" WeChat group, normal group and money in red envelopes, playing very hi. The second half of last year, Xu in a reticulocyte group met a girl called "grandma". "Our" claiming to be from Hangzhou, living in Shanghai, work in a Zhuji enterprises, because of the need of work, she often go abroad. "Grandma" in the sun circle of friends photos, looks very beautiful, awl face, white skin, big eyes. Most of the photos were taken when she traveled and worked around the world. Look, this is a real "Bai Fumei". The two started dating in WeChat, our performance was gentle, Xu soon be entranced. The "girlfriend" responsive, a year spent about one hundred thousand can be connected to each other’s face didn’t see not met for the goddess, lavish Xu is almost everything. At the beginning of March this year, our proposed for my mother’s birthday, Mr. Xu by WeChat turned ten thousand yuan; Kinji said his mobile phone is bad, want to buy self artifact, Mr. Xu turned a sum of money without demur. The strange thing is, when Mr. Xu proposed meeting, our total to a variety of reasons to shirk, even the video are not willing to. But Mr. Xu in love not suspicious, thought that those photos on the circle of friends is always true. In April this year, Mr. Xu’s repeated requests, the son finally agreed to meet, when Mr. Xu excitedly rushed to Zhuji, and find the reason and Kinji Mr. Xu quarreled, also said he attempted Dutch act into the hospital, can only make your bestie Huang and Mr. Xu. A few months later, the two feelings rapid warming, and began to talk about marriage. In October this year, Mr. Xu let his mother from home sent a about 100000 yuan worth of gold and a Cartire ring as a gift. Come stay fat "bestie" was the "goddess" I long ago, in order to his girlfriend, Xu travelled to Zhuji to do business, and rented a house in an upscale district. Soon, grandma said to him, bestie Huang and his family conflicts, please help take care of xu. So Xu let out a room to let Hwang temporary. Freehanded Xu not only rent, but also bear the Huang all living expenses. On Friday, Hwang in the neighbor’s door to see a more than and 30 kg heavy courier parcels, greedy little she actually moved back to the house. That night, Hwang was summoned by the police. Until this time, Xu Huang is still not only to justify the neighbor apology, also took the initiative to lose money. However, with the police into the room to investigate Huang, Xu dumbfounded. In the room, he saw a lot of his son a gift for his girlfriend, gold jewelry, self artifact ya