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The building of cultural relics reconstruction should be careful — Finance — people.com.cn to protect cultural relics. So, has been demolished destroyed relics? Demolition of the building, whether there is a belated effort means? Reconstruction of cultural relics, cultural relics is not a copycat suspect? According to China Youth Daily reported recently, Harbin local media reports of the "house of Liu Yalou" destroyed the incident made new progress. Shuangcheng district government will be based on the opinions of the State Administration of cultural heritage, "Founding General Liu old" 7 was the destruction of immovable cultural relic to implement redevelopment. Shuangcheng district government official informed that the district has received the State Cultural Relics Bureau, Shuangcheng district government decided to take remedial measures to actively damaged cultural relics, the corresponding approval formalities in accordance with the law, to employ the national and provincial cultural experts prepare reconstruction plan and plan design, the implementation of redevelopment. It has been a controversial issue in the international arena whether the construction of cultural relics should be demolished, whether it should be rebuilt, and how to rebuild it. Chinese culture newspaper article in August 18th, "after the destruction of cultural relics can be rebuilt? "The article pointed out:" since the ancient architecture reconstruction of the news constantly appear in newspapers. This year, the reconstruction has become a hot topic, even in the field of international cultural heritage, 2016 has become a year of reconstruction." At the fortieth World Heritage conference held in July, with particular reference to the challenges of reconstruction. The meeting is very popular project is Uzbekistan’s historic centre of shakhrisyabz for unordered, even according to the reconstruction, demolition of old buildings and building new, serious impact on the landscape and heritage value is listed as endangered." , "reconstruction of cultural heritage protection in the international community recognized the file" Venice charter "in fifteenth, is banned, only allowed to collapse, falling back to the original place remaining to the original position. If we add some new binders, or supplement the parts, the requirements can be identified, and as little as possible, that is, we often say that the minimum intervention." There are international practices in the world. The cultural relics protection law of our country also stipulates: "cultural relics protection law" provisions of article twenty-second, the general situation, "unmovable cultural relics have been destroyed, shall carry out the protection of the ruins, not rebuilt at the site". Special circumstances have to rebuild, must be submitted to the provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government level and approved by the state council. Rules clear, you can say that the specific situation. In general, the construction of cultural relics destroyed, the reconstruction of the building, and how realistic, is no longer the year "that". Even the idea that if you rebuild foundation is destroyed, it is equal to the two times of destruction, unmovable cultural relics damage degree will be more too horrible to look at. There is an example. 1992, the German built in 1904, the old railway station was demolished in Ji’nan. As a classic Gothic building, the old Ji’nan railway station has appeared in the western travel brochure published in the Department of architecture and Tsinghua University textbooks. It is the collective memory of a city. August 1, 2013, the old city of Ji’nan Development Investment Group announced that it will invest 1 billion 500 million yuan to build the JiNan Railway Station North Plaza, including the construction of the old railway station and the demolition of the demolition of the old Lee 21 years ago. Ji’nan old train