78Dialogue is an important part of Morley Zhou Qihui chose him because Yao Ming suggested (video)|Dialogue is an important part of Morley Zhou Qihui chose him because Yao Ming suggested (video)8

Dialogue is an important part of Morley: Zhou Qihui chose him for advice: Zhou Qiyin Yao Ming Morey dialogue Yao Ming suggested expecting him to rocket in October 8th Shanghai news sports Tencent (reporter: Zheng Jiangfeng photograph: Shi Xiaoyu Houston rockets in the offseason) this year has been trying some constructive operation. The team clever use of bargaining rules in advance to renew star James – harden. The introduction of Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon. At the same time, Howard left the band, to sign to Nene to reinforce the inside. But the most exciting Chinese fans may be the Rockets in the 43 round of the second round of the selection of the Chinese Xinjiang team Zhou Qi. Zhou Qi in 2011 U16 country and quickly emerged in the same year, the team won the U16 International Invitational basketball. CBA2014-2015 season, the effectiveness of the team in Xinjiang and picked the best rookie of the season. Zhou Qi although physical quality is not top, but the potential is huge. Rockets coach DAntoni in a recent interview, he commented: "although some of the thin Zhou Qi, but shooting well, playing smart." The dialogue for the selected top rocket Morey Zhou Qi, Tencent sports further interviewed the Rockets general manager Daryl morey. Tencent Sports: Zhou Qihui on behalf of the rockets hit NBA? Morley: we are very happy and very excited, he can play for us one day. Tencent Sports: before choosing whether Zhou Qi had to communicate with Yao Ming? Morley: Yes, Yao Ming gave very important opinions in we selected him, told us that Zhou Qi is very important to us. Tencent Sports: do you think will come to the Rockets Zhou Qi next season? Morley: we are looking forward to the arrival of Zhou Qi, he will become an important part of the rocket in the future.