76Money over the housing prices skyrocketing Don’t forget the house is making money|Money over the housing prices skyrocketing Don’t forget the house is making money1

Money over the housing prices skyrocketing? Do not forget the house is also creating money from the WeChat public number lixunlei (ID:lixunlei0722) a lot of people blame the spread of the housing boom spread, but also believes that the central bank caused by the proliferation of money is the central bank. If the currency is the main reason for soaring prices, why the same currency over Japan and the United States, the price level is relatively cheap? If the central bank has led to the currency super hair, then, the Fed’s quantitative easing monetary policy and the people’s Bank of China for a long time to implement the high deposit rate policy, who is in the water, it is self-evident. Therefore, many consensus may not be correct, need careful screening. Whether the people’s Bank of China has the problem of excessive currency and currency is the problem facing the world today, China seems to be particularly serious. So we have accused the central bank over the currency, but the central bank does not recognize the currency super hair. So, the central bank is there any super money? I found that the central bank’s total assets in August was 33 trillion and 400 billion, while in 2008 the size of the central bank’s total assets, was $19 trillion and 900 billion, the total assets of the scale of the past eight years grew by only $67.8%. Indicating that the central bank did not significantly expand the willingness of the balance sheet. The Fed’s quantitative easing is spare no effort, the Fed’s total assets from the end of 8 to 08 years (Lehman Eve) about $900 billion, the rapid expansion of the current $4 trillion and 470 billion, growth of 396.7%, the Fed’s quantitative easing policy to promote the show in the past eight years the intensity is very large, although this year has quit QE. Look at the Bank of Japan, after Andouble took office since the end of 2012, actively carry out quantitative easing, the Bank of Japan’s monetary base from 100 trillion to nearly 400 trillion today’s rapid expansion, by buying government bonds and buying stocks, making the central bank asset size reached about 440 trillion, 8 trillion and 800 billion of which hold ETF, about 2% of total assets, debt close to 90%. The monetary base is also called money, it is the central bank’s monetary liabilities, is the foundation of the whole system of commercial banks to create money deposit, if the central bank does not deliberately make the balance sheet, can not blame the central bank issued currency. Therefore, the expansion of Sino US comparison on three of the central bank’s balance sheet, it is not difficult to find, the people’s Bank is relatively modest and prudent, and the Fed and the Bank of Japan in base money, can use "Crazy" to describe. So, the question is, why the Fed and the Bank of Japan so crazy to make money, but their M2 growth is not fast? As of 2000, the average annual growth rate of M2 in the United States was 6.4%, Japan is only 2.5%, while China was as high as 16.6%. As of August, the United States M2 is $12 trillion and 900 billion, Japan is $8 trillion and 700 billion, China is as high as $22 trillion and 700 billion, more than the United States and Canada and japan. Since the people’s Bank of China is controlled, not deliberately to expand the balance sheet, then, who is in the creation of money? Here comes the strange phenomenon. Wang Xiaodong, a former colleague at the beginning of the year, was conservative in the US Japan Commercial Bank and aggressive in China’s commercial banks.