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The global civil aviation big coffee gathering in Sichuan Chengdu Shihang will initially apparent effect "Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, September 26 (Wang Peng)" Chengdu has yesterday signed 9 regular direct international routes cooperation agreement, we are happy to see "World Airlines will" give the host city to bring new development opportunities." The British group director Adrian Bowen? Newton 26, said in an interview with reporters, "Shihang will have far-reaching significance to Chengdu," perhaps after a few years back to find that success is to start from here." September 24th to 27, the twenty-second world route development conference held in Sichuan, Chengdu. "Shihang" by the British Post Group (UBM) organized by the civil aviation industry annual event is the largest and most influential global civil aviation, "the Olympic Games" and "World Expo", is the only global airlines, airports, government agencies, Tourism Bureau and relevant industry decision makers to participate in the event. Is an ideal platform to share experiences and shaping the world aviation service network. Why talk about Chengdu, Adrian? Newton said, "Chengdu in recent years in the field of aviation development, 2015, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport passenger throughput reached 42 million passengers, at the end of 2016 is expected to reach 47 million passengers. At the same time, Chengdu is the world’s tourism industry leader in the world’s top ten tourist cities, rich in tourism resources. Last year, Chengdu attracted 25 million foreign tourists visiting." From 22 years ago, representatives of only 60 people, the development of today’s people of the world, will be the world’s aviation industry, the annual event of the world’s more than 3 thousand. Adrian Newton said that the reason for the rapid development of the world shipping association in 22 years, one of the reasons is that the general assembly to the host city to bring a higher rate of return on investment. He held in Las Vegas, the United States will be the world airlines, for example, said, at the time of the week in Las Vegas will increase the 120 flights, while annual revenue of $450 million." Like all the host cities, the world aviation will have begun to appear in Chengdu. Yesterday, the Chengdu municipal government jointly organized by the Sichuan airport group, one breath and 6 airlines signed a cooperation agreement between the 9 direct international flights on a regular basis. After the opening of these 9 routes, Chengdu intercontinental regular non-stop flights will reach 19, the route network covering North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, an important hub city. Chengdu direct flights to Sydney route is signed yesterday, one of the new routes, which will be followed by the second direct flights to Oceania, Melbourne after the route of. In this regard, Australia Sydney Kingsford Airport aviation business development vice president of Ni gram? Hai Meng said in an interview with reporters, for the opening of new routes, he was very excited. Chengdu is an important aviation hub in Western China, which is a very important connection, the opening of the new route, I think both sides, it is a very exciting thing." Ni gram? Sea Meng said that this will bring great opportunities for both sides of the market, especially in the tourism market, "between Sydney and Sichuan tourism industry can get good promotion." Hainan airlines will open direct flights from Losangeles to Chengdu, New York, and