73Zhang Yuancong crude supply shocks continue to try to maintain the shock of gold|Zhang Yuancong crude supply shocks continue to try to maintain the shock of gold9

Zhang Yuancong: crude supply shocks continue to maintain the shock of gold for the client to view the latest market this week Xumei fed and the Bank of Japan [micro-blog] will be local time on Wednesday announced the September rate decision, and the head of the two heavyweight central bank will hold a press conference! Beijing time on Thursday (September 22nd) at 2:00 am the Federal Reserve will announce the interest rate decision in September, and issued a policy statement. Looking over the past five years, the Fed’s decision date is not difficult to find, the Fed’s September meeting on interest rates, that must be one of the most important meeting. From the time of the launch of QE3 and the end of last year, to raise interest rates for the first time that the Fed’s change in recent history major policy, even if not all make a final decision in 9 months, while the market believes this year will be on December. If the Fed interest rate decision to maintain interest rates unchanged, but issued a hawkish speech, in order to pave the way for an increase in December, or will cause pressure on gold, consider the fundamentals, before the message is still low. After the news, the main high altitude. Spot gold, from yesterday closed the line and on the run, the bulls have signs of stabilization in the short term; bear trend, below market shocks of the time in the stretch, it would consume short of patience, in time for space, favorable for the bulls! From the weekly BOLL by supporting the trajectory about the 1310-08 line, the formation of a strong resistance in the vicinity of 1325 MA5 and MA10 hit above the moving average. The daily chart yesterday rebounded near 1318, eventually closing into a line with a long upper shadow small sun, visible upward is more serious suppression. The current 4 hours decreased pressure has been going down to the 1318 area on Friday and yesterday’s highs at the same level line here, constitute the strongest upward pressure days; once broken bits, see broken bits in BOLL orbit near 1322, then the market will be idling, to the strongest pressure within 1330 weeks of regional impact! The bottom point of view, yesterday’s low 1309-10 constitute intraday support, the focus is still the 1300 mark area! The operation today do, the top 1318 concerns below Powei, supported by 1309-10. Now the market is still in a high sideways market shocks, whether you can do no wrong, just to see if you can grasp how much profit. Spot gold is part of a single point: 1, near 1312, stop 1306, target 1318 1325 OPEC Powei holds with rival Russia held informal talks in Algiers plan led to speculation that the country’s crude oil production may be expected to yield limit reached an agreement to push prices higher. OPEC is about to convene a meeting on Friday, it is critical to reach an agreement, if the agreement is likely to drop the end of crude oil, if not, will fall to $35. While maintaining the current pattern of decline has not changed, the initial rebound short unchanged, the market is expected to fall to near $41 will rebound, after the pressure can be up to 44 u.s.. Global oversupply has not changed. Supply and demand continue to suppress the oil market. Crude oil (rather expensive.