72Guardiola has refused to disclose the secret of Manchester United and even Ferguson would not like t|Guardiola has refused to disclose the secret of Manchester United and even Ferguson would not like t1

Guardiola had refused to play for Manchester United and even Ferguson did not want to see Guardiola and Ferguson sina sports United meritorious coach Ferguson who personally secret, hope Guardiola as his successor, but because the time missed. The Manchester Derby, "the sun" to an interview with Guardiola’s agent O Robbie Teague, his own secret, as early as Guardiola or Manchester United player, want to buy him, but Guardiola refuses, even didn’t give Ferguson the chance to meet. The intelligent analytical model of Manchester City Derby, the Premier League Round of 0001 season forecast pack] is the last season as a player Guardiola Barcelona, Manchester United and Ferguson then had planned Guardiola’s hiring, and hope that the interview with Guardiola himself, but was refused, because at that time, Guardiola also wanted to stay at barcelona. Guardiola said: "at the time the first effort to buy the team is Manchester United, they want to get him very much," said O Robbie Teague. But Guardiola didn’t want to talk about it. United touch me, but I can’t do anything. Manchester United gave us an ultimatum, they want to arrange face-to-face talk about Guardiola and Ferguson. United couldn’t wait because they needed to make plans for the team." Guardiola at the time of the game, "Guardiola said no to the meeting, Manchester United finally gave up on the interest of Guardiola, I think they are even a little angry. Manchester United have been talking to me for 8 months, but I’ve never talked to Guardiola about it, and that’s how it ended when they turned down their offer." It is worth mentioning that, in the summer of 2001, Guardiola left Barcelona, Manchester United did not contact Guardiola, eventually, he defected to the Serie A team Brescia. O Robbie Teague said: "Guardiola has never regretted his decision, he will always be responsible for their own decisions." Last year, Ferguson had personally wanted Guardiola to become the succession secret United coach, but because the opportunity missed, Ferguson said: "in 2012 I and Guardiola in New York to have a meal together, but I can’t give him any direct commitment, because retirement is not in my schedule. I hope that Guardiola can give me a call before the other team’s invitation, but he did not do so, but in 2013 joined the Bayern." (Marco)