71Russian lawmakers collective shelling beauty athletes take drugs cure Wada bad reputation|Russian lawmakers collective shelling beauty athletes take drugs cure Wada bad reputation5

Russian lawmakers collective shelling beauty athletes take drugs cure WADA bad reputation the Russian parliament official Xinhua news agency, Moscow September 15th sports news (reporter Luan Hai) in the "fantasy bear" hackers broke before the 4 American athletes in the World Anti Doping Agency allowed doping, more than the Russian parliament officials will have this message as a "moral" and "legal" shells, to the so-called "double standards" and "covert operation" a fierce detonation. According to Russian news agency reported that Russia is responsible for the supervision of sports affairs of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Social Committee Chairman Zinski said on the basis of the beam, Russia broke the news content, the relevant departments should to the International Court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland in Lausanne against the world Anti Doping Agency, and requires re investigation of the earlier part of international sports federations ban Russian athletes the Olympic Games are legitimate. "Even if some players need to cure drug containing prohibited ingredients, the World Anti Doping Agency should be transparent and reasonable decision, announced what drugs which contain prohibited ingredients can help athletes to cure, what is the effect of these drugs on the player’s clothing competition results." Leung Xan J Ki said, should check in the "opaque" what hides behind the decision, the International Olympic Committee should also according to the latest disclosure of the scandal, after careful review of the relevant decisions of the World Anti Doping Agency and the current rules are reasonable. Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) vice president Lebedev also pointed out that these new disclosure scandal shows that the World Anti Doping Agency has completely broken their reputation, now it is the time to discuss the reorganization of the agency. The Russian State Duma chairman J Vee Shchev sports and Sports Committee said: "those who broke the news that we have become" American athletes can take drugs’ witness, which is illegal heinous. It can be seen that there are not only double standards in the field of international politics, but also in sports." Colin Cevic, deputy head of the national defense and Security Council, the Russian Federation, said: "some international organizations are really" American family doctors "of American athletes." In addition, there are other council officials, the Russian Anti Doping Agency insiders and well-known sports brokers from "why some have a Russian players were suspended and American players can comfortably take medicine", "Why are these medication record of long-term storage, broke some of the drugs’ efficacy of a drug to eat this kind of drug", how can go to the Olympic Games "angle repeatedly attacked. (end)