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Look, do you fit inside the corner of the eye? Sohu health – many doctors will recommend that the United States and the eyes of the eyelid surgery. So how to judge their suitability for opening the corner of the eye? First, how to determine whether they need to open the corner of the eye? 1, need to look at the eyes and the proportion of the entire face. The width of the face width should be 5 eyes, also between the two eyes to empty out the eyes of a distance. 2, the proportion accounted for the entire eye pupil. Normally, the upper eyelid can not exceed 13 of the ocular part of lower eyelid to the eye; but not arc bottom, show white, this is the most beautiful eyes. 3, the proportion of black and white. I believe there are a lot of people in order to make eyes at large, so often wear cosmetic contact lenses, and many of them are very exaggerated that, wished that the eye is black, in fact, is not beautiful, the best proportion should be exposed to the black and whites of the eyes is the same. Two, what kind of people need to open canthus? 1, epicanthus crowd. This is a simple point of fact is the inner corner of the eye has an additional connection between the upper and lower eyelid skin folds, see the corner of the eye. This situation is generally double or single eyelid people will exist, but if it is not very serious, then it does not need to open. 2, the distance between the eyes of a wider crowd. In this case, if you open the inside corner of the eye can make the eyes look close to some. 3, with the eyes of a piece of the crowd. There are a lot of people in the eyes of the skin in order to make the eyes bigger and brighter, will choose to open the inner corner of the eye. Is it true that the nose can make the distance between two eyes?. Many people think the high nose pad between the eyes distance will be closer, but it is not, in fact booster nose just let your eyes look like a little closer on the vision to write, but because there is no change in the distance between eyes cause skin elasticity. Three, open the inside corner of the method (1) Z word inside open: is cut into Z shape, form the two triangular flap, make the position exchange, and then suture. For mild and moderate epicanthus people. (2) Speath open: the eye is divided into four triangular skin flap, and then exchange, and then suture. More suitable for epicanthus serious people. (3) Y-V inside open: cut into Y shape, sewn into V shape. More suitable for people who are far away from the eye. In fact, not so complicated, is based on your own state, the removal of excess skin, suture after the establishment of a new corner of the eye. Expert: Yang Zengjie, graduated from the Department of clinical medicine, Peking University Health Science Center, was admitted to the Plastic Surgery Hospital, CAMS, PUMC after studying for master’s and doctoral degree in plastic surgery. The nine Department of Plastic Surgery Hospital, CAMS, PUMC, director of Chinese Association of plastic surgery beauty and regenerative medicine branch of Chinese Medical Association of plastic surgery branch member, Chinese Medical Doctor Association Branch Association of plastic surgery. Clinical expertise: facial plastic surgery, scar treatment, liposuction, injection beauty, cleft palate and stuttering and other speech disorders treatment. Finally remind everyone, scar difficult