6Ouyang 200 thousand children were sold to customers, wrong – Sohu comments|Ouyang 200 thousand children were sold to customers, wrong – Sohu comments

Ouyang Chenyu: 20 million children were sold, where wrong – Sohu comments according to reports, in Jinan City, just spend 32000 yuan, you will be able to buy the city, more than 20 million a 1-5 years old infant information, customers can also partition to buy. What’s more, besides the name of the child, the parents call, this information can even accurate to household number. The leak of information is terrible, not only in violation of the right to privacy, but also the key is that the child naked exposed to various dangers. If the information used by the criminals, is likely to lead to kidnapping, abduction, trafficking in children, crime, which poses a serious threat to the safety of the child. In recent years, there have been many cases around the use of network information and taking of minors, the implementation of the case of illegal activities. Facing the real threat of information leakage, some people even choose to change names and move elsewhere. In February 2009 by the amendment to the criminal law case (7) "clear the sale, the crime of illegally providing personal information of citizens, illegal access to personal information of citizens and other crimes charges," if the circumstances are serious, with imprisonment or criminal detention of less than three years, with a fine or a single penalty gold. " In addition, the network commodities trading and related services "Interim Measures for the administration of the information security technology public and commercial service information system of personal information protection guide" administrative rules and regulations, including Beijing, Shanghai and other places of laws and regulations, to protect personal information were defined. However, it is regrettable, on the one hand is legal impressively in the column, banned; on the one hand is infringement continuously, and even intensified, what is somewhere out of the careless mistake? A crime of illegal activities, when the profit is greater than the pay cost free, it is likely to rush into danger. It is regrettable that the sale of civil information to benefit greatly, so pay the price, but not heavy. Even as a weapon against the criminal law, only for disposal of light punishment, a mere three years imprisonment or criminal detention, add a little fine, still cannot erase some offenders desire to crime. In Singapore, a violation of personal data, a maximum fine of $1 million. In the EU, illegal enterprises will face a global turnover of 5% of the huge penalty. In view of this, we need to add some of the relevant legislation". Moreover, in the process of law enforcement, the disclosure of information of "blood point" has not been rushed out. In Ji’nan in this case, often appear "vaccine" a word, that in this area, there may be "under the lamp black". The relevant departments should seize the traces, the fight against illegal acts of fiddling, according to law, the source of information leakage blockage. In the acceleration of personal information legislation at the same time, weaving a inescapable law is to protect the most powerful children. Ouyang Chen Yu (legal scholar)