6Do not perform their duties star members should exit mechanism|Do not perform their duties star members should exit mechanism

Do not perform their duties "star members" should exit mechanism of Stephen Chow 23, the opening of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference, but from the opening of the general assembly to the afternoon group at the end of the discussion, Stephen Chow as the Guangdong Provincial CPPCC members did not appear. Provincial CPPCC relevant responsible person said, Stephen Chow has submitted to the general assembly leave. It is understood that the "Yeh" do the provincial CPPCC members for four years, no time from start to finish attending the conference agenda of all, not be late or leave early and proposal does not a. (January 24, the information newspaper ") despite the CPPCC members, not substantive administrative duties, but it has of research related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood policies discourse and appraisal of government administrative performance supervision and in social and political life and the vast majority of people in the heart, enjoy high reputation and great expectations. This requires not only members of the CPPCC has high ability to participate in politics and strong representatives, need certain self Devotion Spirit and responsibility bear consciousness. "CPPCC proposals" as the CPPCC members are concerned about people’s livelihood, transfer demands and suggestions of the forms of political participation, ahead of many members, hardworking, thorough basic level, the research proposed with forward-looking and constructive and the opinions and suggestions of the gas. Chow when the 4 years of the CPPCC National Committee members, unexpectedly didn’t submit a proposal, signifying its did not conscientiously fulfill the duties of the CPPCC members ". Take a step back and say, even if it is not to do the proposal, seriously participate in the meeting should always be. "Yeh" members even this rare "a few days" to the next Kung fu. Is not late and leave early, or simply "leave". Perhaps, "Yeh" really busy week to filming, it is difficult to clone. According to reports, recommend CPPCC members from relevant departments and the parties concerned, and then negotiate, after a set of procedures, and finally by the Guangdong Provincial CPPCC Standing Committee meeting by, to be published. From the procedure, this evaluation method or help highlight the broad nature and representation. But recommending some units tend to focus only on object position, social background and visibility, while ignoring the willingness and have time, have the ability to participate in government and political affairs. As a recommended person, it may be because they only see their honor and ignore the responsibility and obligations of the act and blindly accept. By the view of the real, to ensure that the CPPCC members should be detailed standards and procedures, the introduction of two-way choice model. In fact, to ensure that the organization of any team vitality and efficiency, the survival of the fittest is an indispensable source of power. CPPCC members are no exception, despite their relative term of office. As Ma Dingsheng suggested, should establish an exit mechanism, members do not come to work, then quit, in what way to quit is not the so-called. And take a broad view of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference, in 2006 promulgated the "CPPCC members perform duties of participating in politics in the provisions on the administration made it clear that, on long-term participation in meetings and activities, and don’t leave CPPCC members" asks him to leave the committee positions ". And in the same year, the 13th session of the Guangdong Province of the Ninth CPPCC Standing Committee, to the "resignation" way relieve the world diving champion Hu Jia, sun Shuwei, five do not perform their duties of members. On the 4