68A hit black Monday stock index fell nearly 2% insurance keep 3000 points in the new network|A hit black Monday stock index fell nearly 2% insurance keep 3000 points in the new network4

A shares suffered black Monday stock index fell nearly 2% points to keep the risk of – China News Agency, Beijing, September (reporter Chen Kangliang) – 12, China A shares suffered black Monday". On the day of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index sharply tiaokongdikai, in spite of the late rebound, but still fell ending. The representative of the Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 2% intraday, fell 3000 point mark. As of the day of closing, the Shanghai composite index reported 3021 points, or 1.85%, turnover of 221 billion 800 million yuan (RMB, same below); Shenzhen component index reported 10461 points, or 2.8%, turnover of 318 billion 300 million yuan; the small board index reported 6731 points, down 2.94%; gem index reported 2145 points, down 2.61%. Shenwan Hong analyst Gui Haoming told News Agency reporters in an interview that day, A shares fell mainly due to the external market dragged down, and the part of the macro data is not ideal, leading investors worried about the economic fundamentals. On Friday, the U.S. stock market crash. Specifically, the Dow Jones index, S & P 500 index, the NASDAQ index fell by 2.13%, respectively, 2.45%, 2.54%, the biggest one-day decline since the British referendum this year, the largest decline in europe. Germany DAX, the FTSE index and other major European stock index also fell significantly. According to the external market decline reason, GUI Haoming is mainly due to that, the Fed officials recently hawkish remarks lead to higher interest rates is expected to heat up, the price of risk assets such as stocks facing greater pressure. In addition, North Korea conducted a nuclear test, causing investor unrest, boosting investor sell-off. Recently, the FOMC has voting right has always been regarded as a dove on behalf of the Boston Fed President Eric? Rosengren (EricRosengren) suddenly state and said, in order to prevent the economy from overheating threaten financial stability, there are reasonable grounds for tightening of interest rate policy. It is worth noting that, China’s National Bureau of statistics data released on the 9, in August, China’s consumer price index (CPI) rose by 1.3%, a record low of nearly 10 months. CPI data is less than expected, some investors worried about the strength of the domestic economic recovery weakened, the economy and even into deflation dilemma." Gui Haoming said. For the future trend, Gui Haoming believes that space is a further decline in the stock market, after all the above factors are short-term, the current economic fundamentals do not support its strong into the interest rate cycle, even in September the Fed really raise interest rates, after this adjustment, the negative factors estimation will not play a role too. (end)