67The 14 cities in the sleep in the noise who will also be quiet – new network|The 14 cities in the sleep in the noise who will also be quiet – new network9

The 14 cities in the "sleep" in the noise who will also be quiet? – again, so noisy, I really nervous, want to move can be a half will not find the right!" Ms. Duan, who lives in Haikou, south of the staff of the Hainan Normal University, the campus is beautiful, quiet and elegant. However, in October last year, every night came from the nearby barbecue garden bursts of sound and dice playing sound, including Ms. Chen, 6, near the building hundreds of residents by the harm of noise. "Just at night is OK, to the night, that voice is harsh and clear." In order to resist the noise of the barbecue garden invasion, but Ms. Duan home to each bedroom with a soundproof glass, but the effect is not satisfactory. "If I go on like this, I have to live somewhere else!" Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released "China prevention and control of environmental noise pollution report (2016)", the disclosure of the 2015 National City sound environment. The report shows that the national urban sound monitoring at night 14 non-compliance. "This means that 14 cities in the country sleep in the noise." Hainan provincial Environmental Protection Department of pollution prevention department researcher Wang Xianguo believes that despite the high proportion of noise complaints in recent years, but the problem is very difficult to solve. For noise pollution, there is "people do not sue, governance noise officials do not study hard," industry and commerce, urban management, public security organs and other departments for noise management authority division of labor is not clear, resulting in the prevention and control of noise pollution is not satisfactory, and the noise prevention measures are improper, social and moral norms to other factors, makes the noise problem one disaster after another." Everywhere in the city noise Ms. Chen lives in Haikou, Meilan District, Binjiang road workers’ sanatorium. This area is east of Nandujiang River, early morning rush, enjoy the evening sunset, this is a beautiful vision she had to buy a house when the election room. However, recently, Ms. Chen was the truck noise noisy night insomnia, no mood to enjoy the scenery of the riverside. It turned out that every night after 1 in the morning, near the District of Binjiang road out of a dozen trucks. Ms. Chen said, I do not know what the big truck pulled, but the overload is positive, each time from the District Road, the ground is shaking. When the truck passes by, the sound of the horn, the sound of the brakes, and the sound of the sound are less than half an hour, and then more than an hour. In recent months, almost every night by the roar of the truck to wake up Ms. Chen upset, I sleep shallow, once awake, it is difficult to fall asleep." Live in Haikou double square of Mr. Wang, also by the noise harassment. "Eleven night two points are often heard the site of various engineering vehicles running the crash, this situation has been more than half a year." At midnight, Mr. Wang in a hurry tomorrow ad copy, around the construction site peal after peal of the roar of the machine, let him restless, without thinking: "square dance aunt who just began to break, the construction site in the middle of the night, this day could not before." "Complaints, the staff can return to the time to explain that, due to the tight schedule, the task is heavy, the project must stop the equipment for 24 hours, otherwise.