66College boys candid female bathroom school said it would do serious treatment|College boys candid female bathroom school said it would do serious treatment5

The boys candid female bathroom the school said it would do serious processing on the original title: a boy motor college videotaping female bathroom morning news October 11th night at 11:30, a schoolboy attempted a bathroom videotaping girls happened in Shanghai Dian Ji University. The school responded yesterday, the incident the same day has been an alarm, the students will do serious processing. The incident was the Lingang campus motor college dormitory downstairs 33 places in the girls’ bathroom, the boys will be girls mobile phone into the bathroom window to be candid, school students Zhibao team found after control, the school immediately alarm. Police investigation by the police, the students admitted to the camera as a result of the impulse, but because the curtain blocked attempt. Police officers and the school security department staff to check the phone after birth, did not find the relevant image information in the student’s cell phone. The police station for this boy will be handed over to the school for education and follow-up treatment. After the incident, the first time the school students’ emotional comfort and stability, with candid students parents informed, arranging school mental health counseling center of psychological counseling, take safety and defense measures, further investigation of the hardware facilities of the school building to strengthen prevention, and held a special meeting to study the discussion of specific follow-up treatment to the students. Editor: Wei Jun