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Luo Chenghua: what circumstance can be the operation below peritoneal tumour? (Sohu): Luo Chenghua’s indications (1) for the diagnosis of retroperitoneal tumors and the tumor is not too large, the substrate is not wide, and has not been fixed, you can surgical exploration. (2) the initial exploration of a tumor that has not been removed, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy after the exploration, has been significantly reduced and is likely to be removed. (3) after resection of retroperitoneal tumor recurrence, if it can move and no contraindications, but also for the two surgical resection. (4) the most important is, regardless of tumor size, no matter in what position, as long as the experts skilled, confident, surgery can be, do not listen to other hospital doctors said not surgery, give up treatment, must come to Peking University international hospital after the peritoneal tumor surgery opportunity. Surgical effect of retroperitoneal tumors are benign and malignant two categories. In malignant liposarcoma, fibrosarcoma and leiomyosarcoma, neurofibrosarcoma and malignant lymphosarcoma is more common. Benign tumors are common in fibroma, neurofibroma and teratoma. Surgical resection is the main treatment for these tumors, so anyone who has been diagnosed with retroperitoneal tumor is the first choice for surgical treatment. Long term survival after surgery. The age of 1, contraindications to systemic weakness, can not tolerate surgery. 2 heart and lung disease with severe dysfunction. 3 remote sites to determine tumor metastasis. 4 a large number of bloody ascites. Anesthesia: epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia. Long press to identify two-dimensional code, concern us