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Have knowledge | drink water can lose weight, prevent Sohu Sohu health paper Ganding bamboo water gives birth to life, known as the "king of 100 drugs". The largest amount of water present in the body, accounting for about 70% of 60% adult weight. Every day, we need to drink water to supplement the body half of the water, through the food to supplement the human body needs 40% of the water, the body metabolism will produce a water of 10%. Chinese residents dietary guidelines (2016) suggested that adult men need to drink water every day for 1700 ml, women, 1500 ml. Drink a lot of water every day, in the end what kind of water is the most healthy drink? Interviewed experts: China Center for Disease Control and prevention, Ling Bo, a researcher at the center of the environment, told reporters Sohu health, drinking water, minerals, which are closely related to human health in the. Natural mineral water minerals, trace elements, such as the stability of the content, generally in the presence of ionic state, the relative food minerals are more easily absorbed. A glass of pure water, should contain the following six minerals, and the content can not be too high or too low. Calcium and magnesium ions are important for bone and cardiovascular health. Water hardness refers to the total concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water, according to the British National Research Institute (the National Research Council) study hard water drinking water rich in essential minerals, is an important channel for people to supplement the calcium and magnesium content. The incidence of cardiovascular disease is lower in areas with high water hardness. WHO also pointed out that the meaning of "– in the drinking water of calcium and magnesium in public health 2009" in one article, drinking water calcium absorption rate and the absorption of calcium in milk was similar. But the hardness of drinking water is not too high, too high hardness: increased risk of digestive, urinary stone drift rate; a layer of foam, boil the water taste; not often drink hard people occasionally drink hard water, can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction; hard water for cooking, tea, because of not easy to cook and destruction of food color fragrance taste problem. Ling Bo suggested that the total hardness of drinking water should be 50 mg l ~400 mg L. Two, fluorine – water in the amount of fluoride ions can effectively prevent dental caries. If the lack of fluoride in drinking water, dental caries resistance will be reduced. When the water fluoride content of 1 milligrams per liter, which has anti caries effect but not the formation of dental fluorosis. However, if the fluoride content in water is greater than 1.2 mg / L, the teeth will be yellow, and more than 3.5 mg / l will cause the change of bone. Provisions of China’s drinking water fluoride content can not exceed 1.5 mg L. Three, copper – copper is a necessary trace elements of the human body, the lack and excessive harmful to the body. Copper plays an important role in anti-oxidation, iron utilization and cardiovascular health, but when the body’s intake of copper exceeds the metabolic capacity of the liver, copper ions appear in the plasma, resulting in copper poisoning. Therefore, the water content of copper ions can not be higher than 1 mg L. Four selenium in antioxidant and immune system plays an important role: selenium content of 0.01 – 0.