6429+10 still face Paul he is still far away from MVP|29+10 still face Paul he is still far away from MVP4

29+10 MVP he still face Paul stable distance how far? There is a gap ah "I want to take the new season of MVP." The new season, Lillard high-profile say their MVP declaration. The first game of the season, Lillard Utah scored 39 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, and staged performances of their own time in the fourth quarter, helping the team win the season opener. Want to get MVP, Lillard not just talking. Today, the main face of the speedboat, he hopes to continue their good state, from the beginning of the first section of the fire on the full. Two he and Plumlee roll opponent impossible to guard against, continuous shooting game, in the first quarter scored 10 points, again detonated Moda center. While in the opposite Lillard Paul, the first section of the play is not so amazing, only 4 points, the overall offensive clippers development is not particularly good. However, as one of the guards in the league’s most stable, Paul is often made after, if Lillard can in the next race remains a fiery feel that today’s game will be a classic battle, but that is, in the Clippers defend in front of Lillard, a bit powerless. In addition to the first day of the temporary high light moment, other times in the game and play game is not so good. Instead, Paul played better, led the team to completely control the situation on the field. Although in the data than Paul Lillard good-looking, but whether it is efficiency or for the control of rhythm, he lost to Paul. More importantly, the Blazers have not been able to win the game, which makes some disappointed. After the game, the Blazers coach Stotz believes referee refereeing biased split, has a similar perspective Lillard in the face of the interview. "In the fourth quarter, we don’t seem to be playing again!" His speeches today at the referees, Lillard see the clippers have too many tricks to run the referee’s eyes, and these little tricks but let them on the pitch is affected, which indirectly led to the defeat of the blazers. However, regardless of how the referee’s penalty, whether it is biased. Blazers in the last quarter of the game did not dare to compliment, in front of the clippers, they returned to the first round of the playoffs in the first two years of the state. Although Lillard has been trying to help the team to come back, but also in the last moments of the Clippers scared out in a cold sweat, but for a MVP player to compete, he play today is still difficult to pass. In the face of Paul, still no more and better way to Lillard, as leader, he and Paul are still not a small gap. Getting regular season MVP is every player’s dream, but it’s not that easy. MVP Road, the road resistance and long, for him, he needs to experience a lot of things. (Ji Mengnian) more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP