61Industry chain information indicates that iPhone 8 will be a major upgrade|Industry chain information indicates that iPhone 8 will be a major upgrade0

Industry chain information indicates that iPhone 8 will have a major upgrade since Apple’s iPhone are regarded as the benchmark in the new iPhone mobile phone products, some function or design would be subject to other mobile phone manufacturers sought after, but this change since the three generation of iPhone iPhone 6 in appearance are very small, was criticized by the user. Of course, Apple will not always use this design, according to the recent industrial chain interest shows that apple is developing a new generation of iPhone 8, and there will be a major upgrade. According to industry chain information display, iPhone 8 will use the OLED screen, and is a curved screen, in addition to the fuselage of the Home key will be embedded in the screen. In fact, such a change from our iPhone upgrade process can be foreseen, from iPhone 6S to 3D Touch iPhone 7 can not push Home key these are changes in the interaction, which can foresee iPhone 8 in this area will have a major upgrade. In addition, the more perfect wireless charging will debut on iPhone 8, the current wireless charging is just a short distance wireless charging, charging from the wireless charging board to stop charging. There is news that iPhone 8 wireless charging on the distance will be longer, up to thirty or forty cm away, the user can continue to charge after taking the hand.