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When it comes to nightlife in Europe, few can compete with London. It’s the city of oil wealth, old wealth, and daddy’s wealth with an odd prince or two tossed in to create the perfect party atmosphere. From Camden and Shoreditch to Brixton and Soho, you will never run out of places to go, cocktails to try, and people to meet. Here are our top ten picks of the most happening places in The City. 1. Fabric: Fabric is urban and very, very trendy. It has Europe’s first ever ‘bodysonic’ dance floor. With the bass coming through the floor making your feet vibrate, you don’t just hear the music, you feel it – literally. It’s not just the floor that Fabric is famous for, though. It’s the crowd, the vibe, its three bars, five sound systems, and a whopping 25,000 square feet of space! 2. Ministry of Sound London: Each weekend, roughly 5,000 people troop to this club to party. Thanks to its three bars, three dance floors, and DJs so good they have become local legends of the party-going scene, the Ministry is truly a good place to while Friday nights away. 3. seOne: seOne has the distinction of being the largest among all of London’s nightclubs. Imagine this – five rooms, a dance floor that’s 30,000 square feet big, and the capacity to house 3,000 people at once. seOne opened in 2002 and is best known for its techno, rave, bass, indie, and drum music. 4. EGG: The name is catchy and the club is even more so. It spans three floors and can accommodate a crowd of 800 at any given time. Its courtyard garden comes with a swimming pool, artificial grass, garden furniture, and a bar. If you’re thinking the garden is for the flower-loving, though, you’re in for a surprise. The garden, which is London clubland’s largest open space, is a favorite of smokers. And since EGG opens as early as 5am on Sundays, it also offers a breakfast that is highly popular among patrons and first-time clubbers alike. 5. Pacha: Reopened in 2001 after a 2-million pound renovation, Pacha is one posh club indeed. It boasts of oak paneling, stained glass ceiling, chandeliers, and a spacious balcony with a view of the main dance floor. 6. KOKO: Camden may be overflowing with nightclubs but Club KOKO stands heads and shoulders above the rest. It can accommodate 1,500 clubbers on any given night and features fantastic arrays of live acts and headline performances of famous artists, among them Madonna, Prince, and Coldplay. 7. Heaven: This club is the best known of London’s gay clubs. Even so, it draws an eclectic crowd. Gay, straight, bisexual – you name it, Heaven has it. Located near Trafalgar Square, Heaven is best known for its choice of European dance beats and first-rate DJs. 8. Herbal: A warehouse turned into a nightclub, Herbal is one of Shoreditch clubland’s finest. Despite its industrial look (thanks to exposed brickwork), cold and outmoded are two things Herbal is not. It has an impressive sound system and an even more impressive line-up of DJs, among them Goldie, Groove Amanda, Fabio, and Andy Weatherall. 9. Club Aquarium: A swimming pool, five rooms, and a jacuzzi where towels are also provided – Club Aquarium is as innovative as it is cutting-edge. It also has a chill-out room, a VIP lounge, and two dance floors! Who wouldn’t want to go clubbing in a place that goes the extra mile to please its patrons? 10. Rhythm Factory: Rhythm Factory is London clubland’s chameleon. It’s a meeting place on weekdays and a wild watering hole on weekends. The atmosphere is laid-back and the music is eclectic. Rhythm Factory is most packed during weekends when it stays open until five in the morning. Great music, great ambience, great cocktails – this factory has it all. And oh, it doesn’t hurt that Pete Doherty plays there regularly. If there’s one thing you will never run out of in London, it’s nightclubs. There is a club for everybody and every body so go ahead and be choosy. After all, why go to a club where you will be surrounded by glow sticks, fluorescent candy ravers, and bland cocktails when you can easily make a beeline for London clubland’s best and trendiest. When you go to any of the top 10 clubs, your fun meter is sure to hit 180 beats a minute. 相关的主题文章: