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Business Love is in the air. All you need is love. Love conquers all. And so on. For many, Valentine’s Day has be.e just another ‘Hallmark’ holiday. However, the tradition of a specific day to celebrate and rededicate your love has been practiced and cherished for centuries. February has long been the month of love and romance. The traditions stem from ancient Roman and Christian customs. There are a few recognized Christian martyrs by the name Valentine. One legend dates back to the third century in Rome when Emperor Claudius II declared that all unmarried young men remain unmarried and were forced to join his army. He believed that being unmarried would make the men more attentive, obedient and stronger soldiers. There was a priest named Valentine that defied the Emperor’s orders and secretly married young lovers. Flowers, chocolate, and jewelry are the three most popular mainstays for Valentine’s Day gifts. The ideas are still good ones, but a bit stale. To spice up the usual bouquet of roses, consider amercing a number of different color roses (i.e. yellow or pink) within the red rose bouquet, coinciding with the number of months or years you have been together. For your chocolate gift personalized chocolates, engraved chocolates and chocolates from around the world are some suggestions. What makes a piece of jewelry unique? Choosing a jewelry gift takes some contemplation. Some conditions to consider are the price range, color, metal, style, etc. The heart shape is, of course, indicative of the heart and love, but a piece of jewelry with a jadeite jade heart also suggests durability, strength and endurance. Jadeite jade is one of the world’s toughest gems, one of the most popular and valuable. Most Asian countries, especially China, revere and value jade. It is integral part of their culture, traditions and history. Jadeite jade is be.ing more and more popular as designers incorporate this unique gemstone into their jewelry creations. In addition, since it is so durable, jade is emerging as the gemstone for every day, all day, fashionable, fine jewelry wear. The most well known color of jade is green. Green symbolizes life and renewal, which is ideal for expressing a re-dedication of love. For a softer, more feminine color, a lavender jadeite jade heart may be more appropriate. Unknown to many, jade is found in many colors and hues besides green jade and lavender jade like red jade, black jade, yellow jade, white jade, grey jade and the very fashionable ice jade. It also is unique in the creations that are possible due to its resilience. Fine and exquisite jade carvings & shapes, jade bangles, jade discs, jade beads, etc. provide the customer with one-of-a-kind jewelry choices for Valentine’s Day and all fine jewelry gift giving occasions. Jade bangles and jade discs are especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day as they are continuous and cylindrical symbolizing eternal and endless love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: