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Broadband-Internet GoToMyPC is a service provided by Citrix Online. Citrix Online is a division of Citrix Systems the top performing, NASDAQ listed, networking company. With these credentials to back it up GoToMyPC has established itself as the foremost remote desktop control service. It is simply the most user friendly, most reliable and most secure remote desktop access service available. If you are not really a computer geek, but you need access to your work PC from home or vice versa, then you should have a serious look at the PC remote control service provided by GoToMyPC. GoToMyPC is a managed service. That means that you dont have to open ports, configure IP addresses, concern yourself with firewalls or user rights, or do anything else that steals your time. Installation requires a few simple clicks of the mouse. Go to the GoToMyPC site and follow the instructions. The service will install a small program on the computer that you want to access remotely. You can then access your PC with any other PC with a web browser and an Internet connection. Simply surf to the GoToMyPC website and from there you call up your computer. The security of your PC is of the utmost importance with this type of application. This may be the most important reason why you should not use any remote PC access service. GoToMyPC uses a unique 128-bit encrypted key for each connection. The encryption key is based on an access code that resides on the host computer and a random bit sequence. The access code is never transmitted or stored on the Citrix Online servers. Simply put, your PC-to-PC communications cannot be hacked. Citrix Online has a strong privacy policy and will not disclose your information to third parties. The above factors need to be considered carefully when you choose a remote access service. Rest assured that your personal information and the integrity of your PC is safe when you use Citrix GoToMyPC . This may not necessarily be true for any other service provider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: