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Martial-Arts Wham bam! Iron Mike Tyson, back in the day, was knocking them down faster than they could stand up. Twelve of his first nineteen fights ended in the first round, and always with the opposing fighter laying face down like a drunk that had been massaged by a tractor! No other fighter was doing what Iron Mike, who the media labeled as Kid Dynamite, was doing, and there were a lot of strong fighters out there. So there had to be something that Mike was doing that other fighters did not know about. There simply had to be a secret behind his fantastic, explosive filled, slobber knocking punches! The secret can be detailed in two parts. The first part is that he was not as tall as the other fighters, therefore he was automatically ducking under the fist, and rising up with his own. This meant that he had to use the push of his legs as part of his punch. Because he was rising up, he learned how to push with his legs and turn his hips so they supported the angle of his punch. He just happened to be the exact height that enabled him to twist his hips at the right time, to arc his punch in at exactly the right angle, to pop that chin at exactly the right spot. Every fighter attacked him the same way, he defended the same way, and he was the winner until opposing fighters actually began to analyze him correctly and actually boxed him! The other part of the secret has to do with his lifestyle. He was winning fights while Cus DAmato was training him, because Cus DAmato was keeping him in hand, caring about him as an individual, working with him as a person. When Cus died, however, everything changed for the man who came to be known as The Baddest Man on the Planet. After Cus died Tyson came under the influence of such people as Don King. His marriage ended in divorce, and he eventually began taking prescribed medicine. The mental edge evaporated, and other fighters were no longer .ing in in exactly the right manner to be taken apart by him. So the secret of Mike Tysons unbelievable knock out punch had to do with taking advantage of his height to use his legs and .e up under his opponent. It also hinged upon the discipline in his lifestyle which was enforced through the friendship of a man who cared about him as a person. And everything changed when fighters figured him out and he no longer had a trainer who could help him solve the issue. The lesson here is that when you train in the martial arts, you must assess your body truthfully, and learn how to avoid its weaknesses and exploit its strengths, not an easy thing to do, but rather requiring an honest and truthful approach to oneself. The second thing you must do is live an appropriate lifestyle, staying away from people who say they love you, but who act otherwise, this is seen easily if you look at how they treat people in their past. Anybody who follows these two rules, analyzing their body correctly and living a good lifestyle, has a chance to develop the hardest punch in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: