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Motorcycles Amid popularity of motorcycle fairings which is on all time high, the permanent price tags on them might not be stable for long. And in such a fluctuating market scenario for bikes and their accessories, other expenses that couldve been easily controlled are going for a huge toss. Having splashed light on one side of the story, another side of the motorcycle fairing seems starker than expected and ever thought. Interestingly, the industry of motorcycle fairings bears a brunt of fans abuse more often than expected. As designed to flaunt the passion of the bikers, it was somewhat inevitable for fairings to experience tear and wear on regular basis. Rash driving in high speed inflicts injuries to your fairings in many ways. Flaking off paint after those insidious rides through rocky terrains and menacing roads is common. And you got to admit itthere are other many things that can spoil the features of your fairings. You come across such situations every day. But how often do you come across to situations when you really think of getting them repaired? All right! Even if you do, the thought of expenses to repair them might not leave any stone unturned to keep you cringed at your place. The repair shops wont miss an opportunity to set your pockets on fire. Stressed and confused, you got options to tackle the situations on your own now. To keep your fairings looking their best, you must try to paint them on your own. Of course, you arent trained at it. But all it takes is your intelligence to acquire temporary skills during such unwanted times and situations. Shelling out bucks for reasons unnecessary is, without a doubt, an unwanted practice. Hopping on to the opportunity, all you got to manage is time for you and, of course, plenty of patience. Lets get into details step by step and learn something useful about painting fairings effectively in five easy steps. You got to find a spot where you will do this. Now, use an 80 grid sandpaper to remove old paint followed by preparation of the surface for the primer. Remember, you must ensure that the body of the fairing is leveled and smooth. And to do that you must repair the dents and other damages. You cant paint that way. You must tape your headlight, windscreens to avoid spilling of paint splatter on them. Use high quality tapes as paint will find its way easily to your headlights and windscreens through normal tapes. Now shoot the primer by using a spray gun to even out the surface with its thick coat. And more importantly, to make your fairings look their best, you wont wish to miss this step. Let it dry. Once doneuse 400-grit sandpaper lightly. Shoot lacquer now with spray gun and ensure that this time it is quit thin comparatively. And lastly, you got to apply one more coat which is done for protection and shine. All you got to keep in mind is that coating should be done once the previous coat is completely dried. Article source: .goarticles../article/5-Easy-Steps-to-Painting-Your-Motorcycle-Fairings/6339998/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: