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Government key projects must rely on sacrifice to seek peace of mind? Respect and tolerance should be given to folk sacrificial rites. But if the government key projects also rely on the sacrifice for peace of mind, the arid areas of government departments will have a sacrifice of rain? Modern Express chief commentator Wu Lichuan "Luoyang municipal group east ring road crossing Luohe bridge started, the project is the government key projects. This is to the project, but before the start held a ritual ceremony, this is for painting?" 24 afternoon, the news disclosed by the network, causing concern (see today’s express seal 11 edition). This is a sacrifice indeed people cannot read, on time, Tomb-sweeping Day hasn’t arrived; on location, this is not the "absent-minded" place. Luoyang municipal construction group responded to reporters like this: because the construction workers are southerners, the Department of the South custom, pray for the bridge construction safe and smooth. But the ritual to the local cause bad effect, will be processed on the construction side, the construction side has their own ritual behavior to admit a mistake, and apologize to the group. Well, the original is "the man" is not sensible, secretly dry. But the masses are most worried about this – before the start of a quiet movement ceremony, the group actually did not know? So, the group can not control the whole project construction situation? Don’t forget, no matter who is playing on the construction, the project is the "Luoyang municipal group east loop cross Luohe bridge project" label, key project of "origin" is also very eye-catching, the group should do the details of management, to maintain the image of the government, to avoid a variety of moth. Afraid afraid, matter is indeed a spur of the moment construction personnel, the authorities did not know, but as a piece of cake for "inclusive". From the group’s position, the sound of "good starting point" is not hard to hear. To sum up, no matter what the group knows, it can not be exempted from responsibility. In the final analysis, we haven’t realized the problem of "offering sacrifices". "Starting sacrifice" has become a kind of atmosphere, although low-key, but far spread. For example, in January 4, 2014, a high-rise building under construction in Wuhan held the first steel giant column hoisting ceremony. The ceremony of an altar, to sacrifice chickens. Folk sacrifice is indeed a custom. Respect and tolerance should be given to the folk sacrificial rites. But the government project should keep the distance from the sacrifice, because the government project is called "government", and the government always stresses materialism and opposes idealism. If the government key projects also rely on the sacrifice for peace of mind, the arid areas of government departments will have a sacrifice of rain? Whether the project is successful or not, whether the quality is reliable or not depends on many links such as design, construction, supervision, acceptance and so on. It doesn’t have anything to do with asking the master or not to do the ritual. Frequently engage in "absent-minded" that set, can give the impression caused by lack of confidence. This is a question nonsensical "commencement sacrifice" is not the purpose, should be vigilant to infiltrate the government key projects of unhealthy tendencies, become a kind of common customs "". In recent years, the bridge collapse accident occurred 4

政府重点工程得靠祭祀求心安?   对于民间祭祀行为,应该给予尊重和包容。但如果政府重点工程也要靠祭祀求心安,那干旱地区的政府部门岂不有了祭祀求雨的任务?   现代快报首席评论员 伍里川   “洛阳市政集团东环路跨洛河大桥开工,该项目是政府重点工程。可就是这样的工程,却在开工之前举办了一个祭祀的仪式,这是在求洛神吗?”24日下午,上述消息经网络披露后,引发关注(详见今日快报封11版)。   这一场祭祀确实让人看不懂,论时间,清明节还没到;论地点,这也不该是“神神叨叨”的地方。   洛阳市政建设集团是这样向记者回应的:因施工人员是南方人,此举系按南方风俗习惯祈求大桥建设平安、顺利。但祭祀仪式给当地造成了不好的影响,将对施工方进行处理,施工方也已就自己自作主张的祭祀行为承认了错误,并向集团道歉。   好家伙,原来是“下面人”不懂事,私自干的。   可群众最担心的就是这个――开工之前搞了一个动静不小的祭祀仪式,集团居然不知道?那么,集团还能不能全程掌控工程建设局面?   不要忘了,不论施工方是谁,这一工程打上的是“洛阳市政集团东环路跨洛河大桥工程”的标签,重点工程的“血统”也很惹眼,集团方面理应做好细节管理,维护政府形象,避免出现各种幺蛾子。   怕就怕,此事确实是施工人员一时起意,有关方面也不是不知道,但却当成小事一桩给“包容”了。从集团方面的表态不难听出“出发点很好”的话音来。   综上所述,无论集团方面知不知情,都不能免责。说到底,还没能认识到“开工祭祀”的问题所在。   “开工祭祀”早就成为一种风气,虽然低调,但传播甚远。例如,2014年1月4日,武汉某在建高楼举行首根钢巨柱吊装仪式。仪式现场设祭坛,绑活鸡祭祀。   民间祭祀的确是风俗。对于民间祭祀行为,也应该给予尊重和包容。但政府工程理应和祭祀保持距离,因为政府工程姓“政府”,政府从来都是讲唯物主义,反对唯心主义的。如果政府重点工程也要靠祭祀求心安,那干旱地区的政府部门岂不有了祭祀求雨的任务?   工程建设顺利与否,质量是否牢靠,取决于设计、施工、监管、验收等诸多环节。这和请不请大师、搞不搞祭祀仪式没有任何关系。动辄搞“神神叨叨”的那一套,只能给人造成缺乏自信的印象。   追问这一场无厘头的“开工祭祀”不是目的,应该警惕歪风邪气向政府重点工程的渗透,成为某种见怪不怪的“风俗”。   近年来,各地大桥垮塌事故发生了不少。这些桥又有多少是当初请过“神仙”关照的,我们不得而知。但可以肯定,如果不老老实实地施工,正正派派地干事,尽搞“花头精”,那么请再多的“神”,搞出再完美的祭祀仪式,也是白搭。 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: