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James Moar: Apple failed to prove the usefulness of smart watches Tencent Francisco January 31st news, Apple has been to create a new product type is known, however, the market research firm Juniper Research analyst James · (James Moar); Moore has recently claimed Apple’s new smart watch Apple Watch failed to succeed. Industry tracking agency IDC recently released data show that apple in the third quarter of last year, the so-called wearable smart watch shipments only 3 million 900 thousand, accounting for 19% of the entire market share, while competitors Fitbit accounted for 22% of the market share. In this regard, Moore claims that consumers seem to need smart watches. Moore also said that this situation may mean that smart watches and other markets have not yet found their overall direction". Some consumers in the Juniper Research recent survey, some consumers said they were in the next 6 months will not buy a smart watch, there are 30% of consumers said they did not buy such a smart watch is mainly because they believe that the use of such equipment to. In this regard, Moore said, "smart watches are not a large number of consumers as the necessities of things."." Related data show that in recent months, apple and Fitbit in the smart watch market share has suffered a severe blow. Dragged down, in the past 6 months, Fitbit shares fell by 62%, while Apple shares fell by 21% over the same period. As everyone knows, seems to be the best tracking function of smart wearable device health, it is for this reason to promote the Fitbit launched its own smart wristband device similar to smart watches in the first month, codenamed "Blaze". Although Apple’s quarterly earnings report failed to disclose the smart watch sales data, but the company CEO Tim ·, Cook (Tim Cook) claimed that Apple’s smart watch in the company’s quarter ended December 26th sales record hit a new record. Of course, iPhone, iPad and Mac computers account for about 86% of Apple’s revenue. (Jin Quan) video: is this the use of force? No, this is the apple watch control UAV promotion: WeChat search "BI Chinese station" public number, listen to the freshest technology information from Silicon Valley, the forefront of entrepreneurship model, the most interesting circle story.

James Moar:苹果未能证明智能手表有用性腾讯科技讯 1月31日消息,苹果一直以打造全新产品类型而闻名,不过,市场分析机构Juniper Research的分析师詹姆斯·莫尔(James Moar)近日却宣称苹果的全新智能手表Apple Watch未能取得成功。行业追踪机构IDC最近公布的数据显示,苹果去年第三季度所谓的可穿戴智能手表出货量只有390万块,占整个市场份额的19%,而竞争对手Fitbit所占市场份额则为22%。对此,莫尔声称,消费者似乎并需要智能手表。莫尔还表示,这种情况可能意味着智能手表之类的市场“仍未找到自己的整体前进方向”。在Juniper Research近期调查的一些消费者当中,有一些消费者表示他们在今后6个月中不会购买智能手表,还有30%的消费者则宣称,他们没有购买此类智能手表主要是因为他们认为使用不到这种设备。对此,莫尔表示,“智能手表并不是大量消费者视为必需品的东西。”相关的数据显示,最近几个月,苹果和Fitbit在智能手表市场的份额都遭受严重打击。受此拖累,在过去的6个月中,Fitbit股价大幅下跌了62%,而苹果同期股价则大幅下跌了21%。众所周知,健康状况追踪似乎成为可穿戴智能设备的最佳功能,正是这个原因推动了Fitbit在本月初推出了其自己类似于智能手表的智能腕带设备,代号为“Blaze”。尽管苹果各个财季的财报中未能披露智能手表销量数据,但该公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)宣称,苹果智能手表在公司截至12月26日的这一财季期间的销量创下了新高纪录。当然,iPhone、iPad和Mac电脑等设备占据了苹果约86%的营收。(金全) 视频: 这是使用原力了吗?不,这是用苹果手表控制无人机 推广:微信搜索“BI中文站”公众号,收听来自硅谷最新鲜的科技资讯、最前沿的创业模式、最好玩的圈内故事。相关的主题文章: