Shandong Pingyi mine rescue ended underground 13 people have no survival possibility – Sohu news-女f4

Shandong Pingyi mine rescue terminated 13 people underground with no possibility of survival – the Sohu news reporter 6 from Shandong Pingyi "12? 25" gypsum mine collapse accident rescue headquarters was informed that currently does not have the scene of the accident rescue conditions, and according to the general rules of human physiological limit analysis, 13 underground lost person has no possibility of survival therefore, the decision since February 6th to terminate the rescue scene. Up to now, the underground roadway has been a large area collapsed, and the ground pressure activity is still continuing, the water level has flooded the operation area, resulting in the rescue work is difficult to carry out. The rescue headquarters have commissioned field surveys, access to data and comprehensive analysis of the hydrology, geology, mining and medical treatment. Experts believe that the current underground roadway has all fall, surface water, limestone water and old empty water has been broken into the underground, the scene has no rescue conditions; according to the general law of human physiological limit analysis, underground missing personnel have no survival possibility. According to expert recommendations, the Linyi municipal government safety production committee decided and submitted to the Shandong provincial government safety production committee agreed, decided to terminate the scene rescue since February 6th, fully transferred to the aftermath of the miners and accident investigation work. According to Xinhua News Agency

山东平邑矿难救援终止 井下13人已无生存可能-搜狐新闻  记者6日从山东平邑“12?25”石膏矿坍塌事故救援指挥部获悉,目前事故现场已经不具备施救条件,且根据人体生理极限的一般规律分析,井下13名失联人员已无生存可能,因此决定自2月6日起终止现场救援。   截至目前,井下巷道已经发生大面积坍塌且地压活动仍在持续,水位已淹没作业区域,致使救援工作难以开展。   救援指挥部委托水文、地质、采矿和医疗救治等方面多位专家进行了现场勘察、查阅资料和综合分析研判。专家认为,当前井下巷道已全部冒落,地表水、灰岩水和老空水已溃入井下,现场已经不具备施救条件;根据人体生理极限的一般规律分析,井下失联人员已无生存可能。   根据专家建议,经临沂市政府安全生产委员会决定并报请山东省政府安全生产委员会同意,决定自2月6日起终止现场救援,全面转入遇难矿工善后处理和事故调查工作。   据新华社相关的主题文章: