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6 late old man 58 years old aunt can donate corneas 6 year old girl – fuming Beijing Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Ren Shanshan Wang Haifang) Guangzhou public Liu Bo died at the age of 61 advanced cancer treatment ineffective, recently unfortunately at the Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital for his wife died, he completed the organ donation wishes. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that in October 24th, the earliest to donate is Liu Bo’s father is ninety years old, the family had discussed the matter seriously. I never thought Liu Bozou before his father, became the first donor family. Recently, a pair of eyes of Liu Bo’s success was donated to the two shoujuanzhe. One is suffering from corneal endothelial decompensation of 58 year old Zhaoqing woman, and the other is suffering from the right eye of the white eye of Guangxi Zhuang girls aged 6. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned from the hospital, after the surgery, two shoujuanzhe recovered well, corneal transparent, bright. Sun Yixian, a 61 year old man from Guangzhou, who was a doctor in the hospital for the treatment of cancer patients at the Zhongshan University’s Memorial Hospital of Liu Boyin, found out that he was suffering from advanced colorectal cancer with multiple metastases. In less than a month, because of deterioration, the Liu Bo family received a hospital in critical condition notice. According to the medical staff, that Liu Bo’s condition is not optimistic, the mood of grief to his wife, the doctor to the doctor in charge of the intention to donate organs after her husband out. According to Liu Bo’s daughter recalled, Liu Bo is the first family to donate organs, official aunt also have this idea, but in fact the family had the idea of the first generation, is now 91 years old grandfather. It turned out that in 2 years ago, a family gathering, Liu grandfather and his family said, if one day he left the world, and would like to donate their bodies to the community to do medical research. Grandpa Liu hale, hale and hearty, although the family agree with his ideas, but feel that "this words say too early". Unexpectedly, Liu Bobi now finds the first step, to complete the donation to help people act. According to Zhongshan University vice president Liu Chao Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital Professor Liu Bo introduction, not only to donate corneas, his body was donated to Zhongshan University Zhongshan Medical College for training future doctors for the general public and his entire family moved to Yang and exemplary conduct and nobility of character ". More than 320 people volunteered to donate Guangdong Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital vice president Liu Chao said, in order to allow more life to continue, in recent years, our country continue to improve the relevant laws and regulations, build human organ donation system, code acquisition and allocation of human organs. At present, China’s human organ donation and transplantation year achievements: the donation amount ranks first in Asia and third in the world, the amount of years of organ transplant surgery after the United States, ranked second in the world, graft / recipient survival rate has international leading level. According to Liu Chao introduction, as of September 11th this year, Guangdong organ donation volunteers have 320 cases. From the domestic organ donation data, since March 2010, China started voluntary organ donation pilot work to 2015, the number of organ donation in Guangdong for 6 consecutive years ranked first in the country. Professor Liu Chao said, "this not only saved the other"相关的主题文章: