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Travel-and-Leisure Destination Management is a term referring to the professional services provided by an incoming tour operator in creating the optimal tour, conference or event to best suit the needs of its leisure and business clients. Due to its location on the ground, the Destination Management Company is able to utilize connections and knowledge from all arenas of local tourism to create specialized itineraries for a variety of clients. A DMC assists clients by dealing with needs both big and small and by arranging every aspect of a trips tailor-made activities, conferences, events and tours. Most DMCs conduct business with other tour operators, and do not interact directly with their international clients. In this manner, they enable clients to receive the best service and price, without the frustration, effort and time needed to ensure the successful implementation of every minor detail. In most cases, Destination Management Companies offer their clients a wide range of services to assist in the planning of any conference, tour, or event. These services can consist of everything from the smallest of details to the most intricate of contracts: VIP airport pickup for corporate executives, verifying correct and up-to-date rooming lists for hotel staff, booking visits to historical or leisure sites, designing unique group activities and events, creating custom menus with local chefs at exclusive restaurants or elaborately catered meals for large groups, and booking top-notch local entertainment. Destination management assistance can also include managing the logistic and administrative operations necessary to run a successful conference, event or tour. DMCs specialize in finding local suppliers to design and print promotional materials and signage, ordering floral arrangements, organizing special audio-visual and presentation needs for conferences, and hiring local staff to assist guests over the duration of their tour, conference or event. Destination Management offers many benefits to corporate and leisure clients planning a tour, event or conference abroad. Most DMCs have long-standing relationships with local suppliers, including hotels, conference and event venues, transportation companies and a variety of local restaurants. These relationships, along with the DMCs large buying power, enable the professional operators to provide superior rates and services to their customers. Additionally, the staff at most Destination Management companies are in constant contact with their local suppliers; they receive the most up to date information regarding new and exciting venues, unique group activities and tourist attractions. These professionals specialize in creating events for groups of all types and sizes. Therefore, they are able to plan the ideal mix of programming for a conference or event. Moreover, the staff is trained to combine the clients needs and expectations for the conference or event with their extensive knowledge of local venues and activities. They are aware of the ideal locations and formats in which to convey the clients corporate branding and messages. They speak the local language and understand its culture. In essence, the role of a Destination Management Company is to translate the local environment in order to realize the clients ideal vision for a tour, conference or event. About the Author: