In Hengdian through the ancient and modern, to experience the visual and taste of the great fortune -魔界骑士イングリッド

In Hengdian through the ancient and modern, to experience the visual and taste of the great fortune – Sohu travel starting in the morning from Hangzhou to Hengdian. Countless times after Hengdian, numerous times have the opportunity to come to Hengdian, always feel a place close to the place there is no need to deliberately come, so missed countless times. And this is just for Taobao Zhejiang · news; Jiangnan No. 2016 cross-strait new media Zhejiang camp activities, then followed came to Hengdian. Fortunately, I did not miss the trip, let me have more understanding of Hengdian. The hotel is located in Hengdian International Trade Building or Cetra Building, the city’s official hotel, has a really good lunch. In the afternoon, we went to visit the Hengdian film and Television City, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and watched the folk performances. In fact, you can look around a scene would feel the movie did not think so much, but because each crew to build the scene is different, so the limited space has infinite creativity, there is now a huge scale of town of Hengdian. If there is no crew of the situation, after all the decorations are removed, each scene actually seems quite empty, visit up don’t seem so wonderful, so every day the movie show is not to be missed. In the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the former residence of the Expo City is the most worthy of the performance of the eight Qinhuai yan. It’s been a scenic spot, see the performance is relatively simple, so the same is the area of the performance was not expecting much, the result is shocked the audience, performing quality can fully with impression series par, a more than and 40 minute show a total of more than and 100 entertainers, actors with high quality, creative and after reading this novel, I wanted to show all of Hengdian’s performances are again. One of the most love than a ink painting in general dance and use the "flying", the streamer bathing beauty dance, sounds very romantic, because Eight beauties of Qinhuai River is a flowery words. The voice of the girl who played the mother is very penetrating, feeling super female fan wang. Dinner is the International Trade Building or Cetra Building specially prepared dinner at noon after the small indeed fortunate, we knew that the dinner is absolutely great indeed fortunate, the real after dinner was deeply shocked, and exquisite dishes, dishes is more delicate super excessively, every dish is sighed. Fruits (six fine cold dish (life) as ginseng fruit (millet) May there be surpluses every year. bamboo shell fish house (Yuanyang ziqidonglai) double taste shrimp (HAM) soil Steamed Buns) realize the ambition of good luck (Cordyceps Ruyi volume) good luck (hawthorn tree) niuqi (gold hand bone) (the United States marijuana perfect conjugal bliss brilliance (ball) stomach soup belly (Calendula) safe and sound all year round with Taro (Peru Maren) money (a) to the soil crust (private) dream Taiji volcano double flavor vegetables) Fu Tian Qi (features handmade surface) harvest (fruit platter)相关的主题文章: