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Ji Tao: how can the genuine source of cultural relics and antiques: Ji Tao blog author: Ji Tao original title: how can the collection of cultural relics and antiques to genuine? In recent years, the domestic investment boom of the collection of cultural relics and antiques are growing, all kinds of news media investment program, investment of public concern emerge in an endless stream, the topic more deeply, the study of history, culture, art and antiques knowledge more and more people, the variety of investment is beyond count, the investment of cover and contain everything, has become a common topic of tens of millions of people the people seem to have common interests and language. But in fact, careful observation of its internal, it is not difficult to find, in fact, it is difficult to communicate with each other two camps. The two camps, one is the investment of the real thing, treasures of the camp, is a collection of fake Daoteng circle, the former than the latter to many small scale. The original camp of the collections are genuine, because they found a good teacher at the start, to guide their own learning, recommend to buy the real thing place; some people can find the real thing, because they are used directly to a painter or a famous collector buys something, not expensive, and bought many practical; people at home and abroad well-known auction deal to buy those circulating ordered items, or buy goods from genuine camp hand replacement, step by step, patient, excellence, gradually improve their appreciation level under the premise of continuous renewal will collections! For example, the residence of Beijing’s ancient painting and calligraphy collector Mr. Zhu Shaoliang, 2000 cultural relics collection, he first found the teacher was the Sungari auction companies general manager Mr. Yi Suhao, easy always told him, go to the auction house to buy the Qing Dynasty Qianlong "Shiqu Baoji" description before painting. So, Mr. Zhu has bid to dozens of pieces of "Shiqu Baoji" painting, after through the auction, investment money. Zhu hopes to learn the ancient painting and calligraphy identification, went to consult the then national heritage appraisal committee chairman Qi Gong. Mr. Kai told him to read and study the "Outline" and "Chinese China figure of ancient calligraphy and painting calligraphy collection", Mr Zhu will read these two books home with two years, began to embark on a study to identify China ancient calligraphy and painting way. Later, Mr. Zhu went to ask Mr. Kai: what do I buy the best collection? Kai answer: what do you buy the National Museum? To buy real objects and boutique, and told Mr. Zhu to the United States of New York Chinese collectors Wang Jiqian hand to buy something, Mr. Zhu also did so, and gradually entered the ranks of ancient calligraphy and painting collectors Chinese. How can the collection of cultural relics and antiques to genuine? Compared to genuine fake camp, a much larger circle! In the fake circle, the initial stage is not the way, either did not find the teacher, thanks to the artificial division of Daoteng fake; or blindly believe in others, listen to the story, see what what to buy, what to buy cheap. Many people holding Jianlou speculation, opinionated, confident, anxious to get started, "empty half empty", just want to stall the auction, a small cheap, that can be!相关的主题文章: