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[and] BMW 6 series GT latest spy photos – [Sohu] Sohu car new car before the overseas media reports, the new generation models BMW 5 series GT will be named GT 6, the new release time will be at the end of 2017, and in 2018 to a global market. According to foreign media reports, the BMW 5 series GT renamed the news from BMW’s headquarters in Munich, the main reason is that cash 6 Gran Coupe sales are not satisfactory, the next generation 6 series will not again the launch of the 4 Coupe models, so the 6 series GT will replace this product, as only a 6 four door models. In addition, cash 5 GT chassis development based on the BMW 7 series and the future, a new generation of vehicles will also use the platform to build the new 7 series, so named after the 6 GT positioning its products more clearly, so as to distinguish with the new 5 series. But from the previous exposure of the spy photos, with the new front design of the BMW 6 series GT 5 series are very similar, including open eye headlights and front bumper structure design, and in the body shape, 6 GT compared to the current 5 GT more low, smooth lines so that it does not seem bloated. The new car will be based on BMW CLAR rear drive platform to build, so the body is expected to reduce the weight of around 100kg. In addition, in terms of power, the new car is expected to share with the 5 part of the powertrain, including the introduction of plug-in hybrid version. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章: