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Gambling company " ridicule " James: 5 MVP par Jordan? More like James won 4 regular season MVP fans in the "little emperor" into "a little bit of three late old man", James has stable performance, won the last two weeks of the best. It also let James impact fifth regular season MVP voice rose. Gambling Company specifically for James out of a personal odds. However, from the data point of view, the possibility of achieving minimal. [11.11] NBA predicted half the audience two weeks before the start of the new season, intelligence, defending champion Cleveland easily scored 6 game winning streak, James gave a field three double answer, for two weeks before the eastern week. At the same time, James’s total score beyond Olajuwon, among the top ten in the history of NBA, ushered in a career milestone. James among the history score of the top ten Gambling company resemblewith the wind alone, out of the MVP odds for James, but the data is very ugly. Odds are described as: Lebron king still? He will be the most valuable player in the regular season? Yes: 1 loss of 6; not: the loss of 1 to 1.09. James can not get MVP only 1 compensate for the poor competitiveness of the 1.09 James where? Personal data and team performance are two hard indicators. Since the decision 2, James, the average score of the game is the two season of the year, is only higher than his rookie season, "the state of the decline of the theory" from which the health of the 25.3. But the final outbreak, so we believe that James is playing basketball in the health, when they needed him, he is still able to help the team win avatar. The first 7 games of the new season, although James rebounds and assists in terms of not falling down, but the score is still in decline. The season is still very long, health basketball sacrifice data is almost inevitable. James career regular season data although Durant and curry to a team, each light will be convergence, but two people still have the ability to keep the score at about 25-28, plus the team record bonus, James still does not lose competitiveness. More like Wei such a single nuclear giant, the data side has sufficient protection, the team’s results are quite gratifying. As long as the thunder eventually got more than 55 wins, MVP is likely to fall into the Wei capsule. (Pan Feng)相关的主题文章: