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Bold! The Australian Open mixed with North Korea liar explosion 120 rod bottom –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on November 4th, two from Australia Polo Athletes, one of them had never touched a golf club, has been successful with the Korean Open golf tournament, they put the organizer Piandetuantuan turn, one of 120 bar. Actually, is not the last first. From Australia, Brisbane’s Morgan Rigg and Ivan Shea, when he had participated in a polo match in Chinese, heard that North Korea’s upcoming open golf tournament, decided to engage in practical joke competition, unexpectedly, only two people to the organizers email, it won the qualification. "I know they have a variety of Internet restrictions, so they should be less likely to investigate us." 28 year old Shea said in an interview with the media, said, but we did not expect to be able to easily get eligible." Two people finally decided to go to Pyongyang to find out, they even customize the green jacket, and wearing Australian badges, is simply the Australian golf team. In the 5 days spent in North Korea, they not only invited to participate in the activities organized by the organizers of the event, accompanied by professionals, visited a number of scenic spots in Pyongyang, took a lot of commemorative photos. "We have a hotel located in the center of the city, very luxurious, the hotel is as high as 30, and the players live on the 26 floor." Shea said, "but the hotel is surrounded by a lake, so we can not escape." Only the flaws exposed in the game, in order to get eligible to take part in the game, two people pretended to be low handicap players, but had never played golf with the hand over the transcripts is 120 bar, his Korean female caddie said: "you have shamed your family!" Fortunately, the 85 players participated in the two days of competition, the level is not high, with "family" achievement is still ranked second, this was also thanks to Nepal, 15 year old daughter to grab the limelight. It is worth mentioning that this game is located in the outskirts of Pyongyang, Pyongyang club. According to North Korean media reports, North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong-il once only playing golf is here, it is in his power at the beginning of 1994, the first end, Kim Jong-il played a leadership style, a staggering 38 under par 34, including 11 a hole! (Alse)相关的主题文章: