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British SVSFX: the main currency of the day on the assessment of the exposure of the Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The euro dollar Thursday to stabilize the euro dollar dollar in North America fell to 1.1140 hours midday, limited data, investors pay attention to agriculture. Better than expected U.S. data to raise the Fed’s rate hike, the dollar continued to rise since the beginning of the week. U.S. payrolls in September is expected to record 172 thousand, wage growth rebounded from weakness in August. The European market in early trading Germany announced in August factory orders, new orders in the manufacturing sector grew by 1%, the former value of 0.3%; in October 1st when the lowest level since the week jobless claims recorded in 1973, recorded 249 thousand, continued jobless claims fell to a 16 year low of 2 million 58 thousand. Technically, the exchange rate for the fourth consecutive week in the range of 1.1120-1.1280, the exchange rate is far lower than the 4 hours above the average, 20SMA eventually fell below 200SMA, energy index hovering in the neutral zone, RSI is located in the oversold levels near support continue to fall, if non farm accidents may lead to the exchange rate fell down. Support: 1.1120 1.1080 1.1040 resistance: $1.1245 – $1.1280 Yen Yen Yen trading at a high of 5 weeks, not far from the high of about 104.15 place in the world. The central bank said the central bank is expected to analyze speech, quantitative easing will not fall into debt to buy position, plus the United States unemployment claims last week fell to 249 thousand, better than expected, the dollar got a boost. Asian stock markets were mixed, the strong stock market, European stock markets fell, stocks volatility is not. The exchange rate is expected to remain volatile before payrolls, but from short-term technical indicators the overall exchange rate rise, the exchange rate is 100 and the hourly chart shows 200 hours above the average, the average price is below 100SMA at around 102.60, that the exchange rate moderately bullish momentum. Hour chart display technology index in extreme overbought levels, moderate in the north, below the previous high. 4 hours chart shows the technical index of accelerated north, currently stands at 83 near the North return to moderate after finishing the momentum, the exchange rate is expected to see upward from the point of view of technology. Support: 103.10 102.65 103.80 104.30 102.20 resistance: 104.65 pounds sterling dollar dollar on Thursday fell to a 31 year low of 1.2601 on Friday morning Asian market exchange rate in a few minutes again fell 400 points, or a staggering 5%, fell to 1.1904. The mood is extremely negative, and this could only be the start of a political uncertainty and economic deterioration. The current exchange rate rebounded to around 1.2400, technical indicators are extremely distorted, all index fell, as long as the extremely oversold, located below 1.25, the risk is still biased downward. Such as broken will quickly rebound to 1.26相关的主题文章: