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Your pacifier is qualified? Chinese Association tell you – Sohu maternal baby in crying, sleep, daddy nanny who usually stuffed with a pacifier, soothe the baby mood. In order to prevent the pacifier fell, lost, someone with a beautiful nipple clip, or long-term replacement. But do you know? Pacifiers and related products unqualified, will bring serious harm to the baby! In May 30th, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee published comparative test of circulation sales of pacifiers results. Including AVENT, Pigeon and other pacifiers detected 17 samples of anti puncture strength failed, were accused of "chewy"; at the same time there are 8 samples failed to issue soft materials, the baffle size by test. Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee said, the comparative test of 30 samples were purchased, which in large shopping malls, supermarkets, supermarkets and other stores to buy 12 pieces of samples, a number of network platform to buy 18 pieces of samples, the price of 10.25 yuan to 58 yuan, covering the mainstream consumers familiar with the brand. The key test for pacifiers structure and mechanical properties of the project. The results showed that 7 samples were all tested, and the other 7 samples were not tested. Among them, the size of the baffle plate is too small, and the puncture strength is not adopted. Anti puncture strength did not pass the test requirements of anti puncture strength test is whether the simulation of infant teeth when chewing force will cause damage to the pacifier, to prevent debris or sharp surface damage to infant oral trauma. Nominal trademark: the new Pigeon pacifiers (nominal specifications: N934) PHILPS AVENT six pacifier (nominal specifications: SCF178) plate did not pass the test requirements of standard pacifiers must be equipped with ventilation hole baffle, and at least two area of not less than 20mm2 in the baffle (regardless of whether there are baffle ring). Ensure the test rod diameter of 4mm should be able to freely through the ventilation hole. If the accident in the infant pacifier card in the oral cavity, can prevent suffocation by T.A. Nominal trademark: you can Couleur; nominal specifications: Z8018. To you, silicon, and Theodore, Amy would bear youbei, yellow duck, chicken Makati, AI and other brands. In June this year, Becky two Pacifier Clip in the United States is the reason for the recall is easy to cause the baby. This recall is China produced two Pacifier Clip were blue and pink Octopus whale made of cloth, plush, internal fiber filler, the clamping body with a 25 cm long. The reason for the recall is decorated with plush whale fins and heads may be from the nipple clip off, baby swallow mouth can cause choking. These two products have been sold in 12900, the United States consumer goods Commission recommends that consumers stop using immediately, and contact the dealer returns. The use of pacifiers has always been a controversial topic. American parenting experts believe that children in the age before pacifiers are normal. Appease。相关的主题文章: