58The future of the city of Beijing or brush bicycle rental bicycle|The future of the city of Beijing or brush bicycle rental bicycle1

The future of the city of Beijing can rent a bike or brush mobile phone Author: Zhang Ting Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Ting) the late reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, August 25th morning, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission and Chinese Bicycle Museum jointly organized "Beijing city public bicycle equipment donation", the Beijing municipal Traffic Commission will use the scope of Beijing City No. 0101-00000000: a set of public bicycle equipment donated to China bicycle museum. The reporter learned from the donation ceremony, Beijing city public bicycle from June 2012 the first batch of 2000 vehicles in Dongcheng, Chaoyang District two put into trial operation, after nearly 5 years of development, to August 2016 has built more than 2000 outlets, 68 thousand scale public bicycle service system, a total of more than 70 pieces of card users. The future of the city is expected to promote non card mode, that is, the use of mobile phones brush public rental bike". In September this year during slow blocking month, will complete the Tiananmen Square Street, old Gulou Street, city of Victoria Road 50 kilometers of bicycle and pedestrian system improvement. To strengthen the remediation and clean-up of illegal parking, illegal Zhanya Zhanya trail trail, enhance road bicycle and pedestrian traffic environment system. Increase the intensity of public bicycle construction, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Shijingshan District, Tongzhou District, Daxing District, a total of 8000 new public bicycles. 2016 full year will be completed 300 km bike management, green travel ratio reached 71%. "13th Five-Year" at the end, green travel proportion will reach 75%, to create a safe, convenient, comfortable walking and bicycle travel environment, the formation of "a quarter life circle".