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P2P normal operating platform fell below two thousand private finance or into the ground floor of the exposure of the Sina Fund: the letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the newspaper reporter Kim micro Beijing reported P2P regulatory new power show. Since the net loan supervision measures issued more than a month, each gold industry reshuffle situation is accelerating, the latest statistics show that: the normal operation of the platform below 2000 for the first time home only 1912, compared to the peak of more than 4 thousand and 600 platform has dropped more than half. Since the new deal regulation mandatory requirement for bank deposit and value-added telecom licenses and other platforms are more and more active, outage, the online platform for operation of the time for half a year or even more than a year, exit involves website, collect and user problems. "China Times" reporter learned that recently had P2P to sell on the platform or seek cooperation funds dropped like, but the industry exit tide coming, this idea of the platform more than one or two. Although the new deal is conducive to the development of industry norms, but for private finance, the regulation is still unable to stop the endogenous market demand. Many people in the industry believe that some of the private financial experience of P2P may be due to the new regulation of the sun was re hit the ground. P2P sold online platform Zhao (a pseudonym) is a domestic P2P platform manager, recently has been addressing the problem of online platform, "either sell or ask for mergers and acquisitions." Farewell to the "China Times" reporter said. P2P platform Zhao’s current transaction size of less than 80 million, only a small platform in the supervision under the new deal, he felt more and more online operating costs and increase the difficulty. In August 24th, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other four ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending agencies, strict regulations on value-added telecommunications business license, bank deposit and borrowing limits are, if compliance costs are required to. Funds deposited at least one million, as well as ICP card or EDI card are not clear, we went to the Financial Bureau consultation, the answer said wait, if we continue to operate online, we have a lot of cost." He reluctantly said. Under the supervision of the threshold, a lot of platform for the transformation and upgrading of the unconscious, the meaning of the initiative, the initiative to stop the platform more and more. But he does not want to withdraw from the net loan arena, "our platform is a do it, throw it unfortunately, but requires compliance cost too much to maintain operations." At present, Zhao’s online platform in addition to accumulation of less than one hundred million of the volume of investment, there are more than 7000 users. "These investors are very loyal, some people have been on the platform since the beginning of the." Zhao said. And some other platform development path is not the same, he is through business affairs agency cut P2P. We do small and micro business agents, the financial situation of the enterprise are very understanding, many companies have financial needs." Initially, Zhao in the name of a person with little or no interest for the funding needs of the customers, but suffer from personal limited funds, for these enterprises相关的主题文章: