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Do B ultrasound will really hurt the fetus – Sohu maternal and child every pregnant woman knows that during pregnancy will be arranged in the examination of B ultrasound examination link. Most pregnant women are also heard as ultrasound will have an impact on the health of the fetus’s argument, so in the do B he would carry the mood. So, do B ultrasound will affect fetal health? In the B ultrasound and should pay attention to what? B ultrasound examination is to monitor the development of the fetus by ultrasound, pregnant women and doctors can accurately understand whether the fetus is healthy, whether it is in line with the health status of the period. However, due to ultrasound belongs to ultrasound examination, many pregnant women will be worried that this examination will cause adverse effects on the fetus, and therefore refused to check this, which can not be timely understanding of fetal development. Throughout the pregnancy, regular production will require three B ultrasound examination, respectively, 18-30 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant 28-30 weeks and 37-40 weeks of pregnancy. The first B ultrasound is to understand whether the fetus belongs to single or multiple. Second B for abnormal row check. Evaluation of third B ultrasound before delivery. If in accordance with the normal procedures and the number of B ultrasound, it will not adversely affect the fetus. However, if B ultrasound is too early or too long each time, it is likely to endanger the health of the fetus. Therefore, to do B, should be strictly in accordance with the guidance of a doctor, not free to do check. So, when pregnant women do B ultrasound need to pay attention to what matters? 1, do not do B there are many pregnant women want to know the sex of the fetus as early as possible, or feel unwell, then volunteered to do B, this is wrong, to do B will seriously affect the health of the fetus and pregnant women. 2, B ultrasound time can not be too long each time to control B ultrasound in 20 minutes or less, especially in the case of pregnant women sick and other physical discomfort, B. 3, the operation should be correct in pregnant women do B when we must choose the regular hospital for regular operation, if the scanning probe long time to stay in the same position, then there could be damage fetal brain development. 4, B ultrasound before to avoid food for pregnant women to eat flatulence in the ultrasound before, be careful not to eat easily cause flatulence food, otherwise it will affect the ultrasonic penetration, resulting in ultrasound do not please. 5, to learn to understand the relevant matters before pregnant women do B ultrasound before, such as whether the need to hold, otherwise it will delay due to check or increase the number of checks, to affect the health of the fetus. 6, relaxation of pregnant women in the B ultrasound, should try to relax, actively cooperate with the doctor’s work, so as not to affect the results of the examination. Therefore, B ultrasound examination in accordance with the normal time, the normal frequency is safe for babies and pregnant women, and ultrasound can intuitively understand the development of the fetus, give advice and guidance to the right doctor. In the ultrasound, pregnant women should be aware of the relevant matters, ultrasound avoid eating easily lead to flatulence food, and need to relax in the doctor.相关的主题文章: