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Shanghai medicine four years four strategic development challenges Huanshuai hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you develop the four coaching strategy for four years falls Shanghai medical challenges with national health care reform work further, policies and regulations to control Medicare costs, drug resistance and limit strengthen the reform of public hospitals and many other industries have been introduced, have a significant impact on the future development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry in Shanghai is facing the risk of policy changes. The weekly Times reporter Wu Mianqiang from Guangzhou recently, Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607.SH, 02607.HK) chairman Zhou Jie resignation caused sustained attention to the outside world, the Shanghai medicine head, is two degrees after he resigned as chairman of the board. Die Zeit reporter noted that the position of the chairman of the Shanghai pharmaceutical is one of China’s top third pharmaceutical group personnel changes one of the most frequent positions. From March 2012, known as the reform of the Shanghai pharmaceutical chairman Lv Mingfang dismissed, fire captain successor, a year later, in exchange for the origin of the iron and steel system. After nearly three years, floor wave also resigned, Zhou Jie once again in charge of Shanghai medicine, served as chairman of the board, did not expect this only full 3 months, he submitted his resignation. The frequent replacement of the chairman of the board, will affect the implementation of Shanghai pharmaceutical strategy, will release the signal instability to employees and management in the capital market, not only faces the stable staff mood, reduce pressure of internal turmoil, but also as far as possible to ensure efficient operation of enterprises, stable performance, to reassure investors." Investment advisor in the great health industry researcher Liu Wei weekly Times reporter analysis. In the number one person in charge lightning after the resignation, Shanghai pharmaceutical trying to show its stable situation to the outside world. In September 9th, email reply weekly Times reporter, Shanghai medicine pointed out: "the company is currently operating well, the normal change and board changes, will not bring a significant impact on the company’s future development strategy and." Frequently coaching a paper notice, in August 26th, to allow the media to focus again in Shanghai medicine about coaching. Zhou Jie has served as chairman of the board of medicine, Shanghai, two, resigned again. This means that the Shanghai medicine and will replace the number one, a time of rampant rumors. The same day, the name is "on the board of directors elected chairman resigned and acting chairman of the board duties notice", Shanghai medicine received chairman Zhou Jie’s resignation in August 25th. Zhou Jie resigned due to the reasons for the resignation of the company chairman, executive director and director and other duties, after the resignation of the company does not hold any other duties. Weekly Times reporter noted that Zhou Jie’s equivalent of "naked resignation", after the resignation will completely leave Shanghai medicine, which he took over as chairman in May this year, the distance is only 3 months, it is quite hasty". Public resume shows that the 50 year old Zhou Jie, graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, master of Engineering management. On investment banking and Finance相关的主题文章: