1 million 280 thousand yuan a kilogram of Pu’er tea, the material was so – Sohu eat and drink-caxa实体设计

1 million 280 thousand yuan a kilogram of raw materials Pu’er Tea, turned out to be such a Sohu and for ancient Fengqing Jinxiu tea Wang Shu micro film "tea king", there is such a scene: yeliangrushui, light pulse. The tea lady in Waner ancient tea trees, white tea flower tea table distribution. Drink tea with Xu Xiake. The subtle emotion flow slowly in the tea and discourse. To see this micro film, to attract their own is not the story, but the sense of the screen, the composition and the tea tree two people say that the understanding of the tea. This is the mood of the picture, the viewfinder is located in Xiaowan town in Fengqing County of Yunnan Province, Fairview village Xiang Zhu Jing ancient tea tree, this tree is found so far, the world’s largest ancient tea culture, known as the "beautiful tea king". Zhu Hong Jing ancient tea tree root circumference of 5.8 meters, 10.6 meters height, trunk diameter of 1.84 meters. It is currently found in the world the oldest, the most ancient tea trees with thick. The ancient tea tree Wai, need four a legend. According to many experts have determined that plants have more than 3200 years of age, early ancestors according to local natural conditions of Domestication Cultivation of tea. Zhu Hong Jing ancient tea tree found on tea origin, cultivation, domestication and breeding, has important and far-reaching value. Heard, seen bamboo Jing ancient tea works in film and television and other media. She is on the screen is vigorous and handsome, beauty. Therefore, to look at this ancient tea tree has become their instinctive desire. When to February, along the way, the narrow roads and many corners, but Lin Feng grass, green to meandering flow. From Fengqing county to the ancient tea tree is located only more than and 50 kilometers, but in such a way, make people feel that the ancient tea trees living in far away places, in the world and beyond the earth. Came to the beautiful village, many vehicles parked in the shop neatly under the stairs. Along the steps to go on the road on both sides of the tea garden, Yong Chui, looks new, white walls and black tiles in the tea houses, these houses are similar to the residential building. In recent years, through the display and spread of the government, all kinds of modern media technology, but also because the tree can withstand wind and rain also enjoy quiet with large tea, originally in Cuiwei in heavy Luan, winding road, can be said a sunrise and sunset of life, "neighbors" the small village, more and more people recognize and visit. Local people are also actively seize the opportunity to create the original resources. Constructing the cultural symbol and picture of the combination of natural and human resources. The tea side of the people, will use wood or other materials of the brand, selling tea and play for tourists to experience the tea, tea, eat delicious taste the food advertising. Before the tea house, tea may be just their "daily necessities daily necessaries tea" in the daily life or configuration, purely for crop production and exchange. Now, but attached to a layer of tea on the meaning of culture and symbols, to bring them economic value. Even before the tea will not be included in the production and lifestyle of the people, but also in such a change, in the policy and market driven, began to engage in tea related business activities. Together, they form a Bella network相关的主题文章: