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The NASDAQ listed China Shuangdeng enterprise big data reading China first U.S. Chinese: big data analysis software provider Gridsum Holding Inc. (BI) success in the U.S. NASDAQ Global Market listing, the local time on September 23rd, China big data analysis software provider Gridsum Holding Inc. (BI) on the NASDAQ Global Market listing. The double stock code is GSUM, the issue price of $ADS per share (American Depositary Receipts) $13. The two countries to the United States IPO total financing of about $87 million 100 thousand, the first day opening price of $15.25, to close at $15.75, compared with the issue price rose 21.15%. U.S. local time on August 26th, the state formally submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the NASDAQ IPO prospectus. Since then, the country has updated the prospectus, the offering price range of $ADS per 10.50-12.50. Goldman Sachs (Asia), Citigroup Global Markets, Stifel, Nicolaus  &   Company for the underwriters of the deal, the two granted the Underwriters within 30 days, to the IPO pricing after deducting underwriting discounts and commissions price increase to purchase up to 1005000 shares of ADS rights. Through data collection, retrieval, analysis and high speed processing, the company creates a data based business (artificial) intelligence. China’s big data platform, including data warehouse, machine learning, Natural Language Processing technology, including the relevance analysis engine and the complex event processing of real-time analysis engine. On the basis of large data platform, the development of the country, including marketing automation, e-government, new media and legal services and other industries. Customers involved in government and justice, television (new media), finance, electricity providers, tourism, consumer goods, automotive and many other industries. After 10 years of development, China – in the fourth quarter of 2015 to achieve level of operating profit, net income to 2013 compound growth rate of 94% in 2015; the first half of 2016 spending accounted for 45% of revenue, net income grew 75%, gross margin was 86%. The two were conducted three rounds of financing, investors include Disney’s steamboat capital, Quantum Fund Strategic Growth Fund, NOKIA Soros and Goldman Sachs Group owned fund PIA, three a total of $68 million 500 thousand of financing. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: