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The first astronaut Aldrin space review time – Sohu [home] on watch watch Lara? Alvin (Casa de Cultura culture house Laura Alvim) is located in the south of Rio De Janeiro over the years has been the Ipanema beach, Rio art people together. During the current Rio Olympic Games, here is the official timing of the Olympic Games in OMEGA’s home in rio. In the just past August 10th, OMEGA’s home is the embodiment of the deep space for guests to bring a visual feast from the distant stars. "Space legend" Baz (Buzz Aldrin) as a celebrity ambassador to OMEGA (OMEGA) attended the special "space night", led the people to go to space, to explore the dream. "Space legend" Baz? Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) at the OMEGA home "space night" Olympic competition is fierce, Rio every day witnessed breakthrough limit and brilliant achievements. "Space cocktail party" has also created a great opportunity to celebrate OMEGA in space exploration in a long tradition of dazzling. That night, OMEGA’s home everywhere reflects the theme of space. The atrium floats over a bright moon light blue giant, and the welcome "space girl" is also very special. Their unique "silver makeup" inspired by the vastness of the Milky Way, showing the extraordinary enchanting beauty of the universe. Each with a cocktail of OMEGA home "space" night scene reception by the astronauts special energy drink "Tang" modulation, and collocation space drinks rationing bag, bring the real space and space taste experience for every honorable guests. Baz? Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) as OMEGA’s house to autograph as a participant of the 1969 Appollo No. 11 mission, when Aldrin is wearing the OMEGA Speedmaster professional chronograph, the highly anticipated moon feat. It also makes the OMEGA Speedmaster series became the first landing on the moon watch. 47 years later, Aldrin appeared in Rio OMEGA home, with the brand to review the moon landing time. He recounts the year memorable experience for guests on the moon; as the night deepened, he told the guests about the Olympic athletes, and those who promote human civilization progress and precious quality. OMEGA has always been known as space exploration in accurate and reliable timing tool. In 1965, OMEGA Super Series watches NASA was officially selected designated watch for all of its manned space mission, and accompany the astronauts in after all six mission to the moon, so OMEGA has become a model for the spirit of adventure. Until today, the series is still one of the official designation of the astronauts NASA equipment. OMEGA global president and CEO An Shiwen (Raynald Aeschlimann) and Baz (the).相关的主题文章: